One of our diligent customers has been talking to me about possibly producing low carb lavosh breads so we can all have ready made yummy at our fingertips.
So I wanted to make some low carb springrolls, found me a recipe for springroll pastry and went about it. I saw this recipe and just had to make a low carb version of it since it looked so very tempting. I bought a dutch pancake maker, so I’ve been making lots of dutch pancake sized low carb food. I love my carb heavy food, and this is yet another great substitute to keep me on the wagon. A great recipe that needs nothing other than things you’ll have in your fridge and cupboard.
We miss crackers on low carb, it’s hard to have nibbles without something to put your spreads and cheeses on.

June 9, 2014 by Fazila Olla-Logday 1 Comment These traditional sticky spicy treats are so yummy!
It’s taken me awhile to perfect it but it’s so comforting on those cold Sunday mornings! Thank you for stopping by SAPeople's Tasty Recipes section, where you can find well-crafted wholesome South African and international recipes! Unfortunately they didn’t crisp up like spring rolls, and I think I maybe needed to roll it a LOT thinner! At first I thought they were a bit plain, but then I dipped them in some sour cream to top them off and they were wonderful. We think we will just have the kabana, and cheese and dip, but then there are yummy biscuits sitting there waiting to be the favoured dipper. These LC Crackers are a great solution to this problem, and also make fantastic crumbs for yummy backed chicken.

I am sure her recipe will be much better, and I can’t wait to have another ready made product available to us. I saw these in a high carb version by Paula Deen and thought I could improve upon them and make them low carb all in one go.
We branded this one a true success even though they turned out to be something other than springrolls. I tweaked the recipe slightly to make it a bit stronger tasting as the original taste was lovely but a little bland for us.

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