If you’re trying to go low-carb without depriving yourself, Langer recommends keeping your daily carb intake at around 40 percent of your total calories.
Instead of blindly sticking to that limit, track how you respond to getting that amount of carbs.
To help with low-carb meal inspiration, these 15 recipes vary between 9 and 29 grams of carbs each. Thanks to a spiralizer, your pasta gets a healthy upgrade—one serving comes in at 299 calories and 22 grams of carbs.
This 322-calorie dish with only 10 grams of carbs proves fish can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to be healthy. There’s nothing like a hearty beef stew to get you through winter, especially when a serving is only 354 calories with 9 grams of carbs. Fresh tuna and creamy avocado combine for a meal that’s 269 calories with 18 grams of carbs.
With 245 calories and 22 grams of carbs, this mayo-free chicken salad is a winner. Get the recipe here.
A simple twist on the classic Caprese results in 332 calories, 13 grams of carbs, and very happy tastebuds. Get the recipe here.

Spaghetti squash is a low-carb staple, which isn’t surprising since this dish is 249 calories and 29 grams of mostly veggie-based complex carbs.
Kneel with feet behind you in front of sturdy chair, arms straight and palms pressing into seat. Optional: chopped veggies such as blanched broccoli, red pepper, sauteed zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, etc.
Okay, I will admit it, when it comes to eating out I absolutely love Maggiano’s and I am a sucker for their lasagna!
Today I thought I might share some of the low-carb Instagrammers I follow on Instagram and hope that you will please let me know in your comment below of others you love that I need to follow too!
One question that gets asked a lot is how to calculate fat, protein and carbohydrate macros into grams when trying to lose weight on a low-carb diet. Every wonder why you can follow a recipe to the letter and still end up with disastrous results? It seems like there are always rumors flying around about whether carbs will wreck your health or help it, but they’re actually an essential part of keeping yourself in tip-top shape.
To get that number, multiply the amount of calories you eat per day by .40, then divide the product by four to account for the fact that there are four calories per gram of carbohydrate.

Automatic yes, plus each serving has just 196 calories and 23 grams of carbs. Get the recipe here.
While I find I plant fewer and fewer flowers the older I get I still make sure I get my herbs in the ground as soon as the danger of frost has passed.
The link is in our top navigation bar and provides you with all the skinny on makeup (especially for the mature NOT matronly), skincare, haircare, nails and more! Extra large meatballs (recipe straight from Italy) and sauce are made one day and the layering process takes place the next. I used to blog about that when I first started this site but have recently started moving it off to the new one so we can continue to concentrate on low carb here.

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