A perfect pizza dough made with yeast which rises slightly, is light, fluffy and supports your pizza toppings perfectly. Taco meat is a yummy base to a lot of low carb meals, however buying the pre-prepared taco mix from the supermarket is not an option as it is too high in carbs.
When you are on a low fat, low carb diet, who says that you have to eat stale, non-appetizing food? Roast the broccoli in the oven at 4500F for 10-12 minutes after being tossed with salt, oil and pepper. Mix all ingredients together and then refrigerate for 1 hour until dough is easier to handle. But all the packet mixes are quite high in carbs, so I set about doing it the old fashioned way – from scratch! They made this beautiful Mexican Crepe, so I decided why should I miss out, and have now done Mexican Crepes the low carb way.

It is not only easy to prepared but also it contains some nutrients that have been deemed as a healthier alternative to some other kinds of meat in the market. What I got was delicious and creamy and tasty, ubt it was not beef stroganoff – hence the name of the dish.
But it’s a bit too high carb for me these days so I decided to amend it and make it low carb. Sometimes I just say ahh well it’s dinner at a friend or families house and I eat whatever they eat, other times I try to eat a small amount. A low fat, low carb diet plan should be creative in a way that you still feel that you can eat almost everything. To make this fusion food more appetizing,make the salmon into a patty and serve with various garnishes.
On the other hand, chop the salmon into small pieces, making sure that you do not make it all too mushy.

This is a great recipe you can make the day before and just sauce and heat the following day. It’s definitely the best lo-carb pizza base I have tasted and very possibly the best lo-carb product I have bought to date (though I suspect all the LC products are going to be pretty spectacular!). For those with a breadmaker I just tossed all the ingredients into the bread pan, put it on the pizza dough setting and came back to a perfect ball of dough 1.5hrs later.
Cook the patties in a non-stick pan for about three minutes or until the insides have been thoroughly cooked.

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