Registered Dietician Sharie Youmans breaks down some of the most popular diets out there and explains the pros and cons of each.
If that extra wiggle room you had in your jeans a few months ago is gone and instead, now have to wiggle just to pull your pants up, you’re not alone. Low-carb diets have been around for decades and became wildly popular with the Atkins gurus of the ‘70s chowing down on steak and eggs three times a day.
Sharie refers to the Mediterranean diet as one with “no big fireworks or bells and whistles.” Rather, the Mediterranean diet incorporates a balanced approach to weight loss through a diet rich in fresh whole foods.
The theory is that the combination of these rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, along with a physically active lifestyle, are what have kept the instances of chronic diseases very low among those living along the Mediterranean coast for centuries. For those who feel overwhelmed just thinking about how to diet, structured plans like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers can take the burden off your shoulders. Sharie points out that research has proven that commercial structured programs are effective at helping people lose weight partly because of the calorie control these programs offer (Nutrisystem delivers the meals to your doorstep, and Weight Watchers employs the use of the “Point System.”) and partly because of the online support system.
How many times have you heard “you need to eat six times a day?” Easier said than done for many people. Sharie praises the vegetarian-style diet for its fruit and veggie intake but cautions that vegetarians need to be sure they maintain a balance. Vegetarian Diets: Lacto (includes dairy), Lacto-ovo (includes eggs and dairy), Pesco (includes fish). 1) Paleo DietThe Paleo Diet is based on the presumed ancient diet of humans in the Paleolithic era before the advent of the agriculture and grain-based diets that soon followed.
The theory of the volumentrics diet is based on the observation that people tend to eat the same amount of "weight" of their foods everday.
The South Beach Diet revolves around the concept of replacing "bad carbs" and "bad fats" as found in many processed foods and red meat with "good carbs" and "good fats" found in unprocessed foods such as lean proteins, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.
The Raw Food Diet is a diet consisting of uncooked, unprocessed and when possible, organicly grown foods. The mediterranean diet is known for heart healthy benefits, but also has been found to be helpful with weight loss if done correctly. One of the main goals of the Dash diet is to prevent and lower high blood pressure which also happens to help your waistline. The Atkins Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet which is intended to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to converting stored fat for energy. By focusing on just fruit, vegetables and other non-animal food sources, the goal of a vegetarian or vegan diet is to lower the intake on foods traditional high in saturated fats or calorie dense fats. When you drink ice-cold water your body has to work harder to keep your body core temperature stable thus burns more calories. Water helps flush toxins from body, keeps your all your bodily systems functioning the way they need to function, and just overall helps you feel great. Jump-Start Your Metabolism With These Foods and you will start dropping those extra pounds before you know it.
The thermogenic properties of peppers don’t just heat up your mouth, they also heat up your metabolism. The calcium found in dairy products such as low fat yogurt has been the star of many studies when it comes to healthy weight loss. Grapefruit has been shown to help control blood sugar levels and is high in Vitamin C, which has been shown to help support metabolism and fat burning.
Lean proteins like turkey, chicken, pork, grass-fed beef and certain fish are great metabolism booster foods as they typically require more effort (calories) to digest than carbohydrates and fat. Apples are high in fiber to keep you full longer and satisfy your sweet tooth to help keep your cravings in check. Water can help curb your appetite and make you feel full faster so you consume less calories. The Mediterranean Diet is one of the widely studied diets in modern history and studies continue to back up the many benefits of this diet ranging from weight loss to longevity. Cinnamon helps to regulate sugar and slows down how quickly food moves through your stomachwhich both help support healthy weight management.
Looking to burn off a few more pounds but the thought of exercising gets you exhausted before you even get off your couch?
The wonderful thing about most vegetables is that they are typically low in sugar and calories and some even require more calories for you to digest them, than there are calories in the veggie in the first place.
1) Celery (Negative Calorie Veggie)For example, the first on our list below, Celery, is often a go to veggie for snacking to lose weight because they are low in calories (only 6 calores per medium stalk), high in fiber, and because of being high in fiber requires more calories to digest than is there in the first place. 3) Turnip GreensThis low calorie, high in nutrition veggie or greens is great for weight loss and versatile. 4) Carrots ( whole or baby)Carrots are a staple snack for many dieters because they are low in calorie, high in fiber, but most importantly help keep your cravings in check by satisfying your sweet tooth. 5) Bell Peppers ( Red, Yellow, Orange or Green)Bell peppers are great way to curb your appetite by helping out your sweet cravings with red, yellow or orange bell peppers, while green peppers low calorie goodness helps compliment many savory dishes. Cucumbers are one of the best vegetables for weight loss simply because they are low in calories, sugar, and high in water to help fill you up. Broccoli is a great weight loss vegetable because it’s low in calories and high in fiber. Spinach is great for weight loss because it is alkalizing and full of nutrients and minerals that help give your body the nutrients it needs to curb hunger pains. Alfalfa Sprouts and other types of sprouts are bursting with nutrients and active enzymes to help with digestion and nutrient absorption. Hot Peppers are famous for their weight loss benefits, in particular the role that capsaicin plays in stimulating your metabolism, increasing lipid metabolism and benefits related to digestion and nutrient absorption. If you are looking to for a weight loss solution that is not only long-term but also healthy for your body, it’s important to avoid the temptation of quick fixes or magic diet pills that promise fast results without any effort. He’ll also walk you through some of the basics on what you should weigh for your body type so you can determine exactly how you are doing, and what your ideal weight goals should be. A large study found that women who consumed at least 1 cup of coffee per day had a reduction in heart failure of approximately 27% compared to non-coffee drinkers. New research is finding that drinking about three cups of coffee each day might stave off Alzheimer's for older adults experiencing memory declines.
Coffee is a great source of free radical fighting antioxidants as well as many of the beneficial compounds of coffee having anti-inflammatory properties. Two exciting new studies have shown that coffee reduces the risk of Hemorrhagic and Ischemic Stroke. As any coffee or tea drinkers knows, the caffeine in their daily cup(s) helps get your mind going and stimulates your body.
Studies have shown that moderate consumption of caffeine-rich beverages such as coffee and tea can help lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Caffeine stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates an area in the brain responsible for alertness, mood and productivity.
A study by the American Cancer Society found a strong relationship between caffeinated coffee intake and oral cancer death risk. Although previously believed to be a cause of, new studies show that a surprising health benefit of caffeine has to do with reducing stroke risk. Caffeine is now thought to be a potential treatment for ADHD because of its ability to enhance focus. Some studies have reported that at higher doses of more than 500 mg, caffeine has been found to cause nervousness, irritability and insomnia. A research report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently found that caffeine can cause short-term blood pressure spikes. Regular use of caffeine can cause addiction which can cause headaches, cloudiness and lethargy as common withdrawl symptoms.
If you are looking to lose weight, here are some of the top fruits you can still eat and not feel guilty about it.
Apples are low in calories, full of nutrients, and high in fiber to help you feel full fast. Goji berries are nutrient dense, low in calorie, and are known to help keep your cravings in check. Blueberries are low in sugar, low in calories, packed with nutrition and surprisining high in fiber to help you feel full faster. Kettlebell training is becoming increasingly popular with fans of CrossFit as well as becoming a simple overall workout that has a wide range of benefits. 1) Fat Burning – Kettlebells activate many muscle groups at the same time at the right level of intensity that helps melt off the fat.
2) Muscle Strength Increases – The intense activation of the muscles for sustained amounts of time a great catalyst for quick muscle strength increases.

3) Multiple Workouts Options – This simple weight with a handle allows for a great amount of variety in how you use it from squats, to rows, to arm lifts, and the list goes on and on. 4) Great Core and Back Strengthening – One of the most popular reasons people pick up kettlebells in the first place is the amazing benefits it has for your entire core and back. If you have tried to lose weight and failed, meditation can be the key to unlocking what might be holding you and your weight loss goals back.
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In my previous travel fitness blog article, I discussed Diet Tracking by using a food journal such as MyFitnessPal and also understanding your daily calorie allowance needed to lose weight. One reason why low carb diets work so well in weight loss is because by cutting carbs out of your diet, you inherently cut out a ton of calories. The diet I am talking about goes by multiple names such as, Anabolic Diet, Metabolic Diet, Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, CKD Diet, and many more that I probably do not even knowa€¦ All of which are fancy names for carb cycling. Here is a brief description of the Anabolic Diet as described by the community at Strong Lifts: The Anabolic Diet is a muscle building and fat burning diet. The basics of any carbohydrate cycling diet are to go low carb for a period of time, which would entail a lot of meats, cheeses, leafy green veggies, and eggs. The way I initiated my carb cycling diet was to start by providing myself with a two week introductory period of low carb intake. Keep in mind, during these first two weeks, it is not out of the norm to lose approximately 6-10 pounds.
After the two week introductory period, I followed a five day low carb diet, followed by a 36 hour carb refeed period. So you might be asking yourself, a€?doesna€™t the carb refeed defeat the purpose?a€? Well, the answer to that is, no! To provide the dieter with a psychological a€?breaka€? that allows you to keep your sanity. To allow yourself a a€?cheat meala€? and not completely deprive you of your favorite foods.
Once you perform the refeed period for a few weeks, you will begin to understand how long your refeed time frame should be.
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Enter your name and email below to get INSTANT ACCESS to my 5 free guides, The Fitness GPS! It’s no wonder that after the indulgences of the past few weeks that January is one of the most popular times to start a new diet. She also cautions that exercise is key in any weight loss plan and, with too few carbohydrates, the body won’t have enough energy to exercise efficiently or function normally, thereby lowering metabolism and decreasing the effectiveness of the weight loss plan.
On a low-fat plan, animal-based fats, the unhealthy saturated kind, are eliminated and heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats, like those found in canola, olive and peanut oils, are incorporated. Six times a day may sound overwhelming for those who barely have time to eat lunch, but the concept may also mislead some into thinking they can eat six entree-sized meals every day.
Similar to structured diet plans, meal-replacement plans generally require that you replace one or more meals with either a shake or bar that is low in calories but offers the required amount of nutrients. If you have high blood pressure or are sensitive to caffeine, you’ll have to be careful,” she says, noting that these are meant to be meal replacements not to be consumed with another meal. Well, yes, but the term vegetarian actually encompasses several different eating plans, allowing for as much or as little flexibility as you want. Lacto-vegetarian diets include dairy products, lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets include eggs and dairy and pesco-vegetarian diets include fish. For complete vegetarians or vegans, finding other sources of protein is essential to good health. Promoters of the diet believe that the enzymes not destroyed by processing or cooking help with digestion and metabolizing of the foods eaten for maximizing nutrition and overall functioning of the body including your metabolism. The mediterranean diet is full of heart healthy options such as sea food and olive oil as well as lots of fresh fruits and veggies. They key is to eat foods rich in potassium, calcium, protein and fiber such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein and low fat dairy, while avoiding calorie and fat dense foods such as sweets and red meat. Orginally developed as means for diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels, it became a popular weight loss tool as well since there is a correlation between foods that affect your blood sugar levels and weight management. However there are plenty of calorie dense vegetarian and vegan food items so it is still important to create a balanced approach to  this diet. If you make drinking the recommended 8 glasses of pure water one of your daily habits, you will be amazed at how great you will feel and may even notice being lighter on the scale.On top of the many slimming benefits of water, by making sure your body is hydrated with pure clean water, you are also ensuring that your body is operating properly at the cellular level. Additionally, if you are eating high fiber foods the water can help expand the fiber and make you feel full faster as well. This is similar in theory to why your body burns substantially more calories when you are in a cold environment. A healthy body, gives your body what it needs to operate properly including the metabolism and fat burning mechanisms. The foods on this list are particularly focused on giving your metabolism an additional boost. Some believe that ice cold water can help you burn more calories as your body has to work harder to maintain your body temperature. Whether you include it in a salad or stew it as a side dish, it's a great addition to your fat burning goals. It's also important to have realistic expectations so do not get discouraged and go back down the wrong the path if you don't allow your body enough time to adjust. Oz is a fantastic overview on understanding the basics of healthy weight loss and how your body responds positively by just incorporating the right kinds of foods and exercise.
Both the coffee berry fruit of the coffee bean as well as the brewed beans are sources of these amazing benefits.
We also know that too much caffeine can bring with it a host of challenges such the jitters, sleeplessness or worse. There might also be some slimming benefits to coffee as well such as the boost in your metabolism or some of the other many benefits being discovered with the green coffee bean which is finding it's way into popular weight loss supplements.
Yes, some of them have sugar, however the fruits on this list are either lower in sugar or high in fiber to help you feel full fast. Studies have shown that eating an apple before mealtime can lower your intake of calories by as much as 15% or more. High in amino acids, minerals and chromium which also help fight your sweet tooth and support blood sugar maintenance. Recent studies suggest that blueberries may influence genes which regulate fat-burning and storage and helping reduce abdominal fat.
One important way in which meditation can help is by helping with self-regulation and focus.
Meditation has also been shown to help increase your "happiness" which in is the result of your body releasing endorphins and other feel good chemicals in your brain.
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But did you know there are quite a few health benefits also associated with this wonderful soothing beverage?

Beanies aren't just for snow bunnies anymore so don't be afraid to cover up your locks this year. This diet period would be considered high protein, high fat, and minimal carbohydrates (less than 50g of carbs, most of which come from vegetables). This two week introductory period is extremely important because it gets your body switched into a mode where it will end up burning fat for energy, rather than trying to use your stored carbohydrates (glucose). If you are just starting a low carb, ( aka ketogenic ) diet for the first time, the switch of not eating carbs will do all types of crazy things to your mood and energy levels. While this is mainly water weight, it helps with the overall motivation to keep going with the introductory period because the scale will drop daily. What happens during a refeed is that the dieter will change their diet to comprise mostly of complex carbohydrates, limiting dietary fats as well as sucrose and fructose. It is not a free-for-all period where you can indulge in every ice cream, brownie, and 12 pack of beer you want. I have lost around 32 pounds, dropped 5.25a€? from around my abdomen, and almost 4a€? from my waist. Be prepared for people to call you a rabbit when you order a chicken salad for lunch, rather than a burger and fries.
Rather, the diet mimics the eating habits of the different regions along the Mediterranean coast of Europe. If the thought of finding enough time for that many trips to the break room overwhelms you, then meal-replacement programs may be your answer. They also take the guesswork out of counting calories and coming up with healthy snack and meal ideas. For people who aren’t satisfied with a shake or bar, these programs wouldn’t be beneficial.
She also stresses that not all vegetarian choices are healthy, citing french fries, smoothies and pastas as being among the culprits of high-calorie vegetarian fare, so choose your vegetarian dishes wisely. We have done our best to compile some of the top diet trends that seem to continue to be popular and effective. This ranges from making sure all your organs are operating as they should, your body is detoxing efficiently, you skin is staying hydrated and healthy, and the list goes on and on. Next time you are hungry, reach for a glass of water first and see if your hunger pain goes away.
We choose food items that not only are known to help with your metabolism, but are also backed by scientific studies.These foods are not meant to be fail safe against not eating properly, but as ingredients or food items you can incorporate into your meals to help support your overall weight loss goals.
The Mediterranean diet food list is made up of relatively large amounts of healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and some other key ingredients particularly popular in this region. Whole Grains are minimally process thus retaining much of the nutrition and fiber that is supposed to be in bread in the first place. Juicing allows you to get a high concentration of the nutrients without adding on the extra calories. A lot of your slimming success will based on substituting some of your bad habits for new healthier habits. Coffee has also been found to increase fat mobilization and oxidation, which promotes fat loss and ultimately healthy weight loss. You only need a few different sizes of kettlebells to begin with, and you can store them easily in your closet or under your bed if you are tight on space. For example, if you are focused internally on feeling healthy, meditation might inspire you to change your diet without as much struggle as you might otherwise encounter when trying to break bad eating habits.Furthermore, meditation helps you with awareness and being in touch with what is going on in your body and what might be causing bad eating habits in the first place.
When you are happier, you are more likely to be more active which in turn can help you burn more calories and melt away the fat. Ia€™m not here to bash a€?plant baseda€? diets, because part of the diet I followed to help me lose over 30 pounds includes cycling your carbohydrate intake for optimal fat loss.
That period would then be followed by a limited time frame where you would do exactly the opposite.
Since the glycogen stores in their liver and muscles become depleted, the carbs you ingest go straight to refilling them, instead of being added to the body’s fat stores. Sharie cautions dieters to read the ingredient labels, though, before they consume any of these products. The central focus of all of these branches of vegetarianism is an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, which generally results in a lower fat and higher fiber intake. For example a low calorie carrot, is less calorie dense per ounce than a similar weight of peanuts.
Don't expect to shed off the pounds if you are just eating pasta and pizza and skipping the other healthy goodies. It can be as simple as starting off walking for 15 minutes each morning or evening to get in the habit of putting your body in motion. Whether you are eating the following veggies as a side dish, snack to keep your cravings in check, or juicing them, here are best slimming veggies for keep the pounds off. They are relatively inexpensive compared to the versatility of workouts you can do with them. In addition, you may experience constipation in the beginning phases (have a low carb fiber supplement on hand), due to the removal of fiber rich, carbohydrates. For this reason, typically the amount of calories consumed during a refeed can be far above an individual’s maintenance intake.
Be smart about it, eat mainly complex carbs, but with that being said, if you want a brownie during your refeed, have one! Take off the bun, eat it with a fork and knife, tell the waiter to hold the fries and order a vegetable.
She explains that the low-carb approach is effective because your body is forced to burn fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates and that the results can be noticed within the first week. Fats come from healthy sources like olive oil, and proteins come from beans and nuts with a smaller emphasis on animal sources. Soon, it becomes habit and you will start to actually crave more and more activity as you being to experience all the benefits of these simple activities. You can dress it up or wear it with a long sleeved shirt at a ball game and it will look gorgeous on you. One great way to get a low maintenance style is with a perm and not your grandmother’s perm or an 80s Flashback look!
Remember from my previous blog posts (referenced in the link above) on diet tracking, it is extremely important to understand how many calories you should be eating to both maintain, and lose weight. During this period, you would minimize your fat and protein intake, but raise your complex carbohydrate intake to somewhere around 450-600g.
While a typical carb cycling diet consists of 50g or less carbs per day during the low carb period, the typical refeed consists of 450-600g carbs. The main reason people quit dieting is because they either fad diet, or deprive themselves of foods they like for so long that they cannot take it anymore. Some carb cycling diets say to cycle your carb intake multiple times per week and base those carb refeeds on times where you will be doing your heaviest weight lifting. If you are like me, you will have cravings of Moose Tracks ice cream, craft beer and peanut butter brownies, but I promise that if you can make it through these two weeks, you have made it through the most difficult part and the rest of the diet will be a breeze! Also a weight gain of 2-3 lbs (sometimes more, if you do not eat clean) is usually reported during refeed.
Well, as I replenish my glycogen stores, I understand that my body will begin holding more water weight during that period.
You can ask my wife and kidsa€¦ Sometimes they think they may end up turning green from all the broccoli we eat! And, of course, the meals are usually accompanied by a glass of red wine (optional), known to be high
in antioxidants. You WILL GAIN WATER WEIGHT during your refeed period, don’t starve yourself the next day, just stick with the diet format and the excess water weight will be gone in a few days, then your weight on the scale will continue to decrease.
When my wedding ring becomes tighter on my finger, I usually know that it is time to taper off my carb intake.
Also, look in the mirror each morning during the refeed, you will begin to notice your mid section a€?smooth outa€? and your face may tend to bloat a little bit.

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