The pie has more blackberries than most people would use, but I like blackberries more than I like apples and I don’t like apple pie actually! This is a healthy, yummy piece of pie and the only mistake you can make is over cooking it! Mix apples, sugar and water (enough water to cover the apples!) into a pot and simmer until apples are soft & you can fork though it like butter, 6-7minutes [if you like a crunchier apple only simmer for 2-3 minutes] Set aside and let cool a bit.

Refrigerate after it cools and heat individual slices in microwave for 15 seconds to enjoy later. Written by Gelato Products Gelato is a dense, rich-textured and highly flavored version of ice cream hailing from Italy. YUM!It’s a very easy recipe, the most tedious part is peeling and slicing the apples!

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