These low carb tools are simple, but cover everything you’ll need to start your low carb diet.
Use these Induction foods for meals during the first two weeks (or more) of your low carb diet.
Try to choose the lowest carb veggies from the Atkins Induction food list during your first two weeks on the low carb diet. The spiral veggie slicer comes with three blades: a shredder blade (small holes), a chipper blade (large holes) and a straight blade.
The Inspiralized cookbook shows you how to transform more than 20 vegetables and fruits into delicious meals that look and taste just like your favorite indulgent originals. Triple filtered, pharmaceutical grade, BPA-free container, USA-made, identical quality to the popular ‘Bulletproof’ brand.

Soda water or carbonated water with sugar-free flavors are ok, and diet sodas sweetened with sucralose (Splenda) are also acceptable.
Now Foods erythritol powder is a natural sweetener that’s non-GMO, low glycemic impact and zero calorie. This Atkins Induction foods list prints on a single sheet of paper and may be folded, accordion-style to fit easily in your wallet or pocket. This complete Atkins grocery list is organized into basic food groups with details and best options. Berries: Choose fresh, local fruit in season and stick to berries which are lower in sugar.
Try Avocados: A great snack with lemon juice or balsamic, or make guacamole for dipping low carb veggies.

MCT converts into energy faster than other oils, ignites your body’s metabolic rate and helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Atkins prefers sucralose (Splenda), but small amounts (2 to 3 servings) of saccharine (Sweet N Low) are also allowed.
For the best health, choose grass-fed or organic meats – avoiding antibiotic, pesticide and grain residues. They can be added after the Atkins Induction phase (Usually after the first two weeks of your diet.) once your weight and health are stable.

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