Add the hot water, chicken and onion into a pan, mix well to combine all the marinade and water together.
Place in an oven proof dish, sprinkle with cheese and bake in a medium oven until the cheese is melted and browned and the sauce is bubbling. Kids enjoy this dish with a packet of ready salted crisps finely crushed, mixed into the cheese before its sprinkled onto pasta, this gives a lovely crunch to the top.
I used to love cheese before I become a vegan and I don’t miss it at all because there are many delicious alternatives that are healthier and cruelty-free, everybody wins!
We know you also love vegan cheeses, that’s why weA want to share with you this fat-free vegan cheese sauce, which is inspired in our vegan cheese that is one of our most popular recipes. You know I made a penne past with courgettes, mushrooms and this cheesy sauce and told my daughter (vegan) that Daddy had thrown in the towel and given up cooking vegan.
Easy, delicious and nutritious, this vegetable pasta meal uses canned chicken and diced tomatoes. Wrap a flour tortilla burrito-style around mozzarella cheese and Italian tomatoes for a pizza you can take anywhere.
Canned, diced tomatoes seasoned with rosemary and oregano and canned chicken served hot over a toasted bun and topped with crispy vegetables and mozzarella cheese. Boneless pork cooked in sesame oil, a boxed rice pilaf, eggs and fresh pea pods are all you need to make this scrumptious, easy meal.
Bake a tender roast beef with vegetables in your oven and enjoy easy clean up using a disposable oven bag. Tomatoes, chicken and pasta shells prepared in a single skillet and ready for your table in 20 minutes.
Enjoy and easy warm supper tonight by turning canned beans and refrigerated biscuits into a savory soup with flakey cheese crisps. Tender, spicy chicken and tomatoes served open-faced on crusty slices of bread with melted cheese. Perfect for a barbeque, frozen french fries flavored with sesame oil are cooked over the grill and paired up with saucy chicken strips. Layered fresh deli turkey on wheat bread in a sauce that starts with mayonnaise then adds a few special ingredients. The most tender baked-lemon-chicken you will ever enjoy served with healthy stir-fry vegetables. Prepare a packaged rice dish, add fresh tomatoes and broccoli and boneless, skinless chicken breasts and dinner is on the table in 30 minutes. Angel hair pasta topped with chicken in a delicious sauce of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and onions.
Tender pork loin with a sweet and sour marinade is served with potato medallions and spinach and carrot salad.
Canned cheddar cheese soup, yogurt and dijon mustard make a spicy, creamy cheese sauce poured over steamed broccoli and baked potatoes. Corn tortilla enchiladas filled with rice and creamy cheeses and topped with spicy black bean sauce.

Pop some frozen fish fillets on the grill and then smother them in this cool, spicy tropical salsa.
Cabbages, zucchini, peppers, onion and pineapple grilled as a salad and served with BBQ teriyaki chicken. Enjoy an easy, high-fiber, low-fat meatless meal with the time-honored combination of rice and beans.
Potatoes, eggs and cheese with tuna and green pepper bake up into a fluffy souffle-style casserole. Tender loin of pork in a rich tomato sauce over pasta served with salad and seasoned bread. Rosemary and ginger mingle with sesame oil in a stir fry dish of chicken and sugar snap peas.
Tender, spicy chicken mounded on a tortilla and topped with crunchy vegetables and pepper jack cheese.
Low-sodium canned kidney beans make a quick and tasty chili served with pineapple cornbread made without milk or eggs. This favorite kid recipe is a favorite of mom and dad, too with a healthy side dish of broccoli and cauliflower.
Crispy on the edges and tender in the center, these crab cakes whip up quickly and make a delicious easy supper with deli potato salad and peaches. Combine this easy glazed chicken and instant rice recipe with a tangy fresh green bean salad.
Choose hot or mild canned chilies to make a spicy bean soup with the health benefits of tuna.
White fish baked in the oven in a lemony rice side dish made from ingredients most cooks keep on hand.
Tenderized beef, generous slices of celery, red and green peppers and garlic in an oriental gravy served with noodles.
Bouillion gravy flavored with lemon juice and mayonnaise surround green beans and corn in this delicious chicken and curly pasta meal.
Caesar and Italian salad dressings give this simple one-skillet boneless chicken and vegetable meal a delicious mediterranean flavor.
The seasonings of a prepackaged pilaf mix give this easy chicken soup recipe a delicious mideast flavor.
Boost your antioxidants and minerals by topping pasta with these healthy greens and lean chicken. White fish baked with tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, green onions and garlic is served with salad and warm bread.
Creamy chicken with noodles and broccoli, this warm, soft food is a favorite of both kids and grown-ups. Add some zing to canned beans by combining scrumptious baked beans with high-fiber black beans and canned jalapeno peppers, onions and bell peppers. Low in fat and low in sodium, this meatless meal proves that eating healthy can be a flavorful adventure.

Canned baked beans and tomato wedges pull together this quick and simple breaded pork chop recipe. Potatoes baked on the grill with skewered ham, onions, peppers, pineapple and mango seasoned with a mustard-ginger sauce. Fix a heart-healthy meal for your family using omega-rich tuna with low-sodium, fiber-filled beans and fruit on the side. Easy and healthy, this oriental fish stir-fry recipe uses Tilapia, fresh ginger, garlic, sesame seeds and honey.
Fresh basil in the dressing and crumbled blue cheese sprinkled over the top, the beauty and flavor of this beef salad meal is in the details!
Open a can of pinto beans, stir in frozen peppers and onions, add a few items from your refrigerator and spice rack and enjoy a spicy chili really fast.
Tender fillet of sole sauteed with garlic and onions and served with tomatoes and stir fry vegetables. Chicken breast cubed and browned then smothered in mushrooms and tomatoes served over pasta. Super easy one-dish meal of chicken and onions spiced up with pepper and salsa and served over thick rigatoni noodles. Marinate boneless pork loin in honey, rice wine vinegar, cilantro and ginger, then brown and create a vegetable and gravy sauce to pour over pasta.
Simple and elegant meal of halibut and green bell peppers baked with breadcrumbs and paprika. Top a prepared pizza crust with Italian seasoned canned tomatoes, canned chicken, canned mushrooms, onions and pepper jack cheese for an easy, tasty pizza in less than 30 minutes.
Canned tomatoes and onions simmered with herbs and healthy halibut served alongside brown rice with lemon and fresh cilantro. Perfect for a picnic or camp out, this saucy ham sandwich recipe is simply mix, heat and eat. As we’re following a low-fat vegan diet, we’re making low-fat or fat-free versions of our recipes and they taste amazing! We use it all the timeA to make mac and cheese and also add some steamed veggies toA get a tastier and more nutritious recipe. I’ve never made this recipe using them, but you could try… I think it could work ?Y?€ Have a nice day! Broiled pork chops flavored with soy sauce, honey and ginger served with whipped potatoes and frozen vegetables.

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