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I have even used boneless pork chops (its what I had in the freezer) and it still came out awesome.
The only one that scarfed it was my 16 month DD but she'll eat anything served over brown rice. As is, I most likely won't make it again but in my opinion, with alot more spices tossed in it has potential.
Since then, my hubby and I have struggled with the ups and downs of two failed adoptions and are now LOVING being parents to our little man Asher who we brought home from Ethiopia in August of 2013. The only thing I changed was I used cooked dried black beans (not canned) and used a vegetarian chicken substitute (Quorn) cut up in chunks.

Well – after doing this a couple of times, it started burning holes in my cloth towels. I even have a friend who is a superb Mexican cook, and she tells me she loves the enchiladas I make with this recipe.

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