Having eaten all the turkey and dressing that our brains (and stomachs) could hold for one year, or at least for one holiday, I drew in on my Weight Watchers training and portioned my leftovers into snack size zippered bags, wrote on them what, when and number of points and put them in the freezer for another time.
Now my fridge looked empty, except for a lone, tall golden butternut squash which sat squarely atop the middle shelf, staring right back at me, like a one eyed amber-skinned cyclops.
That big, dense, gorgeous hunk of guilt-free goodness had stood guard over all my “Thanksgiving fixin's” through to the end of my successful family dinner. Now, with the guests gone and five extra pounds here to stay, it's time to face that vitamin laden beauty head on and get creative.
Originally the recipe, per serving, had 240 calories, 13.5 total fat grams and 2 grams fiber. This is my version of that recipe: And it is as luscious and flavorful with every bite as any custard I've ever eaten.
This lovely, rich custard is perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner alongside bacon or sausage and makes a dandy dessert too.
Put squash and all ingredients except pecans in a bowl, whisking well until smooth and eggs are completely mixed in. Pour into a 6 cup or bigger, shallow glass or ceramic baking dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray, Put this dish into a larger baking dish or oven safe skillet, half filled with hot water.
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Linda BrewerComfort Food ExaminerLinda Brewer has always taken comfort in foods and doesn't intend on giving them up!

Use these basic healthy habits to retain the shine, elasticity and vibrancy of your skinKeeping skin healthy can be quite challenging at times. It’s the perfect time of the year to get outside and enjoy great outdoor festivalsMay is a beautiful month in Michigan.
Read on to discover the best low-fat comfort food recipes that won’t break your diet…trust us, there’s nothing better than a low-fat recipes take the guilt out of comfort eating! Easy Roast Chicken Dinner – this fuss-free roast dinner is so easy, you’ll want to make it every day! Tortilla Base Meat Feast Pizza – this is another takeaway favourite that’s tons healthier when made at home!
Sausage and Roasted Ratatouille – slimline sausage dinners do exist, and this is one of the best!
I would reward its refrigerator guard-duty diligence by making it the star of a recipe fit for a queen, and doggone it, by queen, I do mean me!
Not bad to begin with but I shaved those off considerably, though I didn't keep track, I'm sorry to say.
Spray both sides of squash with cooking spray (any preferred flavor will do) and place, cut sides down on preheated, rimmed baking pan.
When cool enough to handle, use a spoon to remove all that gorgeous meat from the skin of squash, puree in a food processor or beat with hand mixer until very smooth.
Bake for 55 to 65 minutes at 300 degrees, until custard has just set and a knife inserted just off-center comes out clean.
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Instead she finds ways to keep those "good times" foods in our hot ovens and on our stovetops without "melting" our budgets or "frying" our waistlines!
Flowers are blooming everywhere, from Holland, home of the Tulip Time celebration, to Mackinac Island and the Lilac Festival. I was tired and deserved some queen-like treatment, so I'd be the chef and the diner this night. For an added benefit, you get to teach them a little about following directions, working as a team and math, without them ever realizing it!
We write our honest opinions and will tell you quickly if a product is not up to our high standards. Below are our recipes for some delicious comfort food that are all low in calories  – hurrah! Bake until fork tender, about an hour or until the edges of cut side of squash begin to brown, carmelizing.
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