Who doesn’t love an easy crock pot meal that doesn’t require any prior cooking before it goes into the crock? Oh and if you’re wondering what those chips are doing in my chili that I ate, well, well, let me tell you! Thankyou so much, have done two of your recipes this week and both have been met by applause (which means a lot in my house). I’m Ema Wright – A big time foodie who loves to travel and explore the vast reaches of planet Earth.

I made it without the taco seasoning (only because I didn’t have that) and forgot about it.
Lean meat, whole vegetables, and extra-virgin olive oil make this a healthy and wholesome meal low-fat beef stew. Add vegetables, followed by black-eyed peas, bay leaves, beef, Worcestershire Sauce and tomato sauce.
Crock pot cooking can be challenging, especially because if it bombs and tastes terrible you won’t know for about 6-8 hours then you have to whip something else up for dinner!

Place your chicken breasts on top of all the ingredients in the crock and cook on high 6 hours or low 10 hours. Well this recipe is for you, especially those of who who have never or rarely ever use your crock pot or have had a failed recipe in a crock pot and don’t trust it anymore!

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