Cranberries are as central to Christmas as boughs of Holly and chestnuts roasting on open fires, yet few people know anything about them or how to eat them except in a jellied cranberry sauce. It’s almost certain that cranberry sauce was on the menu at the first American Thanksgiving. It was a sailor who first cultivated the cranberries growing wild on his property in Massachusetts. Cranberries are native to the eastern half of the United States, from Maine south to North Carolina. Contrary to popular belief and Ocean Spray commercials, cranberries don’t grow submerged in water, with the berries and branches afloat like lily pads. Peel the persimmons, and place them in the food processor along with the pitted dates and cinnamon.
The type of cranberry grown differs by region, so take a look at the back of your cranberry package to guess which variety you’ve purchased, or get in touch with a farmer in your area and ask for the sweetest variety he has. Stevens: Now the most common cranberry variety, Stevens comprise 50% of all cranberries grown in Wisconsin and 75% grown in Oregon.
Early Black: These smaller, intensely-colored berries are also sweeter than most cranberry varieties. Howes: The very first cranberry variety ever cultivated, these berries were discovered by Eli Howes in 1843 in East Dennis, Massachusetts.

And,  going even further, here is a picture that I have created in order to visually demonstrate how much food you can eat on the 1200 calorie diet for hypertension. In 1816, Captain Henry Hall transplanted cranberries into fenced gardens and began experimenting. They grow low to the ground on long runners that up to six feet long but no more than about 10 inches high. Cranberry flowers have petals that face backwards toward the stem, leaving the stamen and anthers exposed and thrust forward like the beak and head of a crane. They are a cross between a wild cranberry and a McFarlin variety made in 1938, and were selected by H.F.
They’re common in Massachusetts, where they were discovered in 1852, because they ripen in early September and can be harvested before the frost. They are harvested three weeks after Early Black, but have larger, firmer berries (that are also more tart) that hold their shape when sliced and store well.
It’s the first cranberry variety bred to be sweet enough to eat fresh, like cherries. The 1200 calorie DASH diet is by far the most confusing, because most sources won’t even consider talking about eating only 1200 calories per day.
They were eaten fresh, dried into cakes, or boiled with maple syrup, and used to dye clothes and blankets.

They attractive plants and make great edible ornamentals for hanging baskets; with shiny green leaves that turn red, purple or brown in the winter, pretty pink, unusual flowers in the spring, and festive sprigs of red berries in the fall. NPR’s The Salt tasted it this fall, and described it as crisp and sweet-tart, like a granny smith apple. It is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat your health condition. However, it wasn’t until 1912 that the first cranberry sauce was canned and marketed to Americans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Sometimes these berries are airlifted by helicopters out of the fields to reduce damage to plants by trucks. Only cranberry fields designated for sauce or juice are flooded so the floating berries can be corralled in one corner of the field. If you have a health condition, you are advised to seek other medical opinions from health professionals before making any changes in your health regimens.
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