Enriched Bleached Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Lactose, Dextrose, Contains Less Than 2%: Natural Butter Flavor, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Food Starch-Modified, Whey, Sugar, Salt, Mono -& Diglycerides, Wheat Starch, Cellulose, Color Added.
Heat breaks down some of the lactose in milk into other sugars (glucose and galactose) so using UHT and evaporated milk shouldn't cause problems. Don't eat a lot of foods containing lactose at one - instead try to spread your consumption of lactose over the day. Soy products are lactose free so consider substituting dairy products for soy milk, yoghurt and cheese.

This article was written by Ella Walsh for Kidspot - New Zealand's parenting resource for newborns and baby. This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional.
Most people with this condition can tolerate 240ml of milk per day, but you need to be work out your own tolerance level. Look for mature or ripened cheeses (like cheddar, fetta and mozzarella), some types of yoghurt and butter.

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