FruitiVits™ is a low carbohydrate, orange flavor powdered mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For use in the dietary management of restrictive therapeutic diets, such as the ketogenic diet and inborn errors of metabolism.
To be determined by the clinician or dietitian and is dependent on the age, body weight and medical condition of the patient. Packets are designed for single use and it is recommended that contents are used immediately once opened.

If a smaller dose size is required any unused powder in an open packet should be stored in an airtight container or re-sealed with a clip and used within 24 hours. How to OrderVitaflo products can be ordered directly from Vitaflo USA, your local pharmacy, or home care provider. For the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism such as Homocystinuria, and is used under strict medical supervision to provide the specific amounts of cystine unable to be achieved by dietary modification alone.
Must only be given to patients with proven inborn errors of amino acid metabolism under strict medical supervision.

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