In the event of severe gallstones condition a procedure called cholecystectomy is performed to completely remove the organ.
Thus it is essential to maintain a low carbohydrate and high protein diet after gallstones surgery. Other nonsurgical approaches are also prevalent in not so severe cases where drugs made up of bile acids are orally given to dissolve the stones. For a certain period of time foods like red meat, pork, dairy products, eggs, fried foods, spicy foods, whole grain breads, cereals, seeds, nuts, baked beans, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, peanuts, pastries, butter are to be kept away from the patient’s menu.
Vitamin rich foods that are available in the form of fruits and vegetables such as beetroot, tomato, cucumber, avocado, grapes and carrots are to be incorporated in the post gallstone surgery diet.
He did not follow any of you recommendations and after Christmas dinner he had to leave immediately.
Fortunately the gallbladder is a nonessential organ whose elimination from the body does not cause any major adverse effects. Amongst drinks fruit juices except those of apples and grapes, caffeinated drinks, alcoholic and carbonated beverages are to be avoided.
Flax-seed oil and fishes like salmon have also been studied for their beneficial effects in such patients due to its omega-3 fatty acid content.

Also a post surgery patient must consume six smaller meals rather than three larger ones to assist easy digestion.
Your liver only produces so much bile and when you eat a lot you are miserable for the day. Its main function is to store bile that is produced in the liver and release them for digestive purposes. The liver produces enough bile to digest the food wherein bile flows through the hepatic ducts into the common bile duct and ends up in the small intestines. Amongst others the diet may also involve lean meat, skinned fish and chicken, egg whites, skimmed milk, low fat cheese, yogurts and spreads, soups, salads, grilled fish and chicken and legumes. In fact, as soon as the surgery is done with, the patient is put on a liquid diet in most cases.
So far, gravy is the only one I have had a problem with and I spent 2 hours in bathroom with severe stomach problems. The bile is released when food containing fat enters the digestive tract and consequently stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin (CCK). One must include foods that enhance the proper functioning of the biliary and the digestive system.

Gallbladder stones are a gallbladder disease which is characterized by the formation and deposition of small pebble like substances within the gallbladder or in the biliary tract. This is due to certain abnormalities in dissolution and emulsification of fats in the foods. While carrying out its normal function the gallbladder contracts and pushes bile into a tube called the common bile duct that finds its way into the small intestine for digestion. Faulty foods containing high fat consumed post surgery may lead to diarrhea and puffiness in the region. Anyway, chicken has been my main diet and I have had small portions of salad, broccoli, chocolate (mini size) and pasta. I will be trying filet mignon tonite for our anniversary, at home just in case, but it is a lean meat so I should be okay.
When the concentrations of cholesterol, bile salts or bilirubin increases they eventually harden forming gallstones.

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