Balancing your proteins in your smoothie is what takes it from a “treat” to a healthy snack or meal. The Blended Salad – Drink your Spinach on the GoKick-start Your Sex Drive With Libido Boosting Tomatillo Avocado Smoothie! If you don’t have any issues with Peanut Butter and Bananas this is the only shake recipe you will ever need.

Things that are fast, easy to […]Blend your own Protein Smoothie at home and fuel your muscles the right way! I upped the milk to 36 oz, added a second Banana, second tablespoon of Peanut butter and Cocoa powder. For me, it was the most convenient way of getting an additional 1000 Calories, without consuming what would be a lot of whole foods.

If you can’t find what you like on this list, checkout my ultimate protein shake recipes list.

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