It is important to keep in mind that what seems right for you might not be the best diet for your dog. Dogs have the potential of exhibiting high levels of blood cholesterol, but it is important to note that this high level of blood cholesterol is not bad and it does not block the arteries. Fats can always be a regular inclusion in the diet of your dog, but there are certain medical conditions that require feeding your dog with low fat dog food. Low fat dog food is generally required by dogs suffering from chronic obesity and pancreatitis. Acana Light and Fit: This is a good quality dog food that contains just 39% protein and 11% fat and is considered to be the best for the health of your dog.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Small Breed healthy Weight: This product is dry food for your dog with 33% protein and 11% fat.
If you’re still not cooking for your pets, here’s a really good reason to start right away!
Hi Andi, My sister bought me your book, The Whole Pet Diet, sometime ago, but I never actually sat down to read it.
Although I happen to specialize in homemade dog treats and the majority of my site revolves around dog treat recipes, I do have a decent collection of homemade dog food recipes as well. Before I started making homemade dog food, as well as posting dog food recipes on my blog, I took the time to do a little research. If you are still a little nervous about feeding your dog raw meat from the store, you can always purchase pre-made raw fish and meats at your local pet store.
If you are not ready to make the move to an all raw diet for your dog you can always cook healthy foods for them. While there are a lot of pet owners who enjoy preparing savory meals for their dog every day, they are those who are just looking for simple dog kibble recipes. Delicious recipe ideas that take no more than 30 minutes to make for when you're in a hurry!
For instance, saturated fats can result in heart attacks and clogged arteries in human beings, but this is not the case with dogs. The cholesterol found in dogs is good cholesterol called HDL and it aids in the prevention of the build-up of life-choking and dangerous plaques that are very commonly found on human artery walls. However, getting hold of good quality, low fat dog food can turn out to be a little difficult.

It was amazing to see him go from overweight, smelly, itchy, and slobbery to a beautiful healthy happy boy. In the right proportions, your human holiday feast can be the perfect meal for your furry friends too! I regret not reading your book much sooner, as we lost our two girls, Chelsie and Maggie, to kidney failure. Of that, $20 billion will pay for food, and over $14 billion will be spent on veterinary care.
The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Andi Brown, unless otherwise noted. Again, most people who take the time to make their pet’s homemade food are doing this for the health benefits. Although it’s not all that difficult to prepare food for your pup, getting some advice, preferably from someone who has experience, is a good idea.
Most people are accustomed to feeding their pets dry dog food and the thought of switching to an all raw diet raises some concerns.
One of the most common ingredients that pet owners feed their dog when trying to maintain  healthy a diet is chicken. Making and storing dry dog food is a little easier and less time consuming than preparing raw dog food or cooking your dog meals everyday.
Delicious healthy recipes and expert nutrition advice will be delivered to your door every month! Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that there are many companies dealing in dog food offering Low Fat Dog Food to their consumers. Dogs consuming a diet that is high in its content of fat are rarely found suffering from any sort of circulatory conditions. It is this high level of good cholesterol in dogs that makes them resistant to the development of atherosclerosis, which is the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks. These conditions can get highly aggravated by the intake of dog food that is high in its fat content. This is because manufacturers dealing in dog food containing low fat, usually cut back on the meat content of the food. Check out how the Pot (Purina) is calling the Kettle Black (Blue Buffalo) PLEASE DO COOK FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE!

The information on this website is not intended to replace a personal relationship with a qualified health care professional or your veterinarian and is not intended as medical advice.
I also think that most pet owners agree that homemade pet food the healthier choice, it’s just finding the time and the right recipes that people struggle with. Discussing dog food recipes with a veterinary nutritionist would be ideal, however, not everyone has access to someone like this. This is why stray dogs (and mischievous pets at home) don’t get sick after eating garbage. The main problem here is whether low fat products are designed for the enhancement of your dog’s health or not? There are many dog species that possess the ability of easily handling considerable quantities of animal fat in their diets. Therefore, unfortunately, the Low Fat Dog Food available throughout the market are also found to be high in carbohydrates and low in the required proteins.
If you don’t, just talk to your own vet or look for some books on the topic that were written by vets. Well, when it come to raw dog food diets the most popular concerns are parasites and bacteria. I have and the reason why we can eat things like raw salmon and tuna and not get sick is because the fish is frozen first to kill parasites. You need to decide on the fact that are these foods good for your dog or are they just here for helping the industry make profits at a very large scale.
Thus, it can be said that dietary fat serves as a very good source of required energy and the best method for your canine to get essential fatty acids required for sustaining life. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that a reasonable quantity of dietary fat in your dog’s diet can serve to be very healthy for your dog, but it is also important for you to check the calorie intake of your dog on a regular basis.

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