Types of Food Myth 2C: Low and Non-fat food products have very few calories and can be eaten anytime and as desired.
Myth = It is true that a  low-fat or non-fat food is often lower in fat than the same size portion of the full-fat natural version, so fat-free products may help reduce overall dietary fat, but they are not the magical formula for attaining and maintaining a healthy weight. Nutrition Recommendations for Canadians, by Health Canada, recommends that a healthy diet should include no more than 30% of daily calories from fat and no more than 10% as saturated fat. Given our fat-rich diet, adequate intake is usually not the issue, it’s more the type of fats we are consuming that we need to be mindful of.

My Personal Common Sense Weight Loss Success Tip: So, how do you estimate how much fat in grams can you consume a day?
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Myths and Facts To Successful Weight Loss:Types of potatoes and how they are cooked influence health effects. Myths and Facts To Successful Weight Loss: Nuts are fattening and you should not eat them if you want to lose weight.

Myths and Facts To Successful Weight Loss: Chronic dehydration and general lack of water can slow down metabolism.

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