ADD garlic (I used jar), finely diced mushrooms (I used button) and celery; cook until celery is soft.
NOTE: Pampas has just come out with low fat pastry 33 percent less fat which is what I used. HELPFUL HINT - Do not feel you have to be gentle with the pastry and you do not want to touch it for too long so that the heat of your hands melts it. Unsalted butter, Chopped onions, Chopped garlic and 13 more.. Oil, Onion, Garlic clove, Mushroom, Prosciutto ham, Salami and 8 more..
Corn oil, All-purpose flour, Onion, peeled and chopped and 17 more.. Lean ground beef, Green bell pepper, diced, Onion, diced and 10 more..

Mushrooms , porcini, Onion, finely chopped and 7 more.. Onion, chopped, Garlic cloves, finely chopped and 9 more.. Olive oil, Onion, chopped, Garlic, Mushrooms and 7 more..
Kale, Red onion , thin slice, Garlic cloves, pressed and 8 more.. Red onion, Green bell pepper, Beef stock, Grain white rice and 6 more..
Jumbo pasta shells, Ground turkey, Onion, chopped and 11 more.. Fat-free ground turkey, Crushed tomatoes, Onions, diced and 2 more..

Beef, Red onion, Garlic, Cumin, Ground coriander, Turmeric and 4 more.. Lean ground beef, Red onion, Mint, Fresh parsley, Lemon and 7 more.. Rice noodles, Peanut oil, Red bell pepper (julienned) and 10 more..

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