As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday draws near, learn how to safely stuff your turkey. Leftover" foods are cooked foods that you or your family do not eat within 2 hours after they are cooked.
My favorite thing to do the morning after Thanksgiving is to make homemade turkey stock from the turkey carcass. Also serve appetizers that can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
Fondue, an ancient Swiss dish, is very easy to prepare, fun to serve, and enjoyable to eat. Entertaining frequently includes some kind of cheese tray, often with fruit or vegetables or meat or a combination of these foods. Stuffing or Dressing choices are usually made according to the region you live in and also family favorites. This oyster dressing must be served as a side dish and not as a turkey stuffing in the turkey. Save your valuable kitchen time on Thanksgiving day by using this easy-to-make mashed potato dish.
Try something new and impress your family and guests with this delicious combination of potatoes and butternut squash. The perfect baked potato has crisp golden skin on the outside and is pure white and fluffy on the inside. My son-in-law makes this wonderful family recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner every year. This Fiesta Carrot Pineapple JELL-O Salad is a classic JELL-O recipe that is light and refreshing!

This simple recipe has converted lots of sworn Brussels-sprout haters into devoted connoisseurs.
Homemade biscuits are so easy to make, and if you follow a few simple rules, they will always turn out fluffy and delicious. In order not to have to heat rolls in my oven, I sometimes make various homemade breads the day before Thanksgiving. The only way this pie could be better tasting is to serve it warm and topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. January 30, 2013 by healthyrecipeecstasy 4 Comments I recently posted the following blog on Heels & Helmets and wanted to share it with my HRX fans. Whether you’re rooting for the Ravens, the 49ers or just watching for the commercials, one thing we can all agree on is that no Super Bowl is complete without the snacks. So, how do you pull together a healthier Super Bowl party menu without leaving your guests craving some fried and greasy eats? Five-Minute Feta Bruschetta Dip – This easy dip is so addictive no one will even notice they are eating a bowl full of healthy tomatoes and olive oil.
Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus – This is one of my favorite party appetizers because it’s healthy, delicious, and ridiculously easy. Mini Chicken Taco Bites – These mini tacos are simple to put together using shredded chicken breast, part-skim mozzarella cheese, peppers, avocado, and crispy wonton wrappers.
Prosciutto-Stuffed Mushrooms – Stuffed mushrooms are always a party favorite but usually the little mushrooms are filled to the brim with sausage and bread crumbs and a ton of creamy cheeses.
Pinto Bean and Avocado Taquitos – These taquitos are baked until they crunch satisfying any cravings for deep-fried goodies. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Most holiday meals (especially Thanksgiving and Christmas) would not be complete without this green bean dish. The combination of citrus fruits in the dressing gives the salad a wonderful delicious flavor! The delicate swirling of the pumpkin in the cheesecake makes a beautifully festive holiday dessert. It’s a compilation of some of my favorite healthy appetizers to help you enjoy the big game Sunday without popping a pants button.
Dips, chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried anything – Super Bowl parties are a cornucopia of delicious junk food. It’s quick enough to prepare 20 minutes before a party but it’s also the kind of appetizer that you can make ahead. Using different ingredients that pack a punch in small amounts like salty prosciutto, Dijon mustard, and a tangy red wine goat cheese keeps the mushrooms on the delicious lighter side. The flavorful creamy pinto bean and avocado mixture will keep everyone full so they don’t overeat. From eating out in our nation’s capital to traveling the world to try new cuisines to testing out healthy recipes in our tiny city kitchen, I’m always on the hunt for delicious eats that make my eyes roll back in my head. Sure, the occasional veggie tray might make an appearance, but for the most part, the Super Bowl is just an another excuse to eat a Bacon Explosion.
These are less fat since they’re not packed in oil, and they can be found in the produce section of your local grocery store.

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