As soon as you bite into the soft and juicy chunks of cooked apples, you'll want to purposely let a bunch of bananas get overripe just so you can bake a loaf of this warm and comforting banana bread. Made with less sugar than a traditional loaf, it's still so naturally sweet from the bananas, apples, and applesauce that it's perfect for a healthy breakfast (toasted and smothered with crunchy peanut butter — yum!) but delish enough to devour for an after-dinner treat. This quick bread is also vegan, so the health-minded you will appreciate that each piece is much lower in fat and calories — just 147 per slice. Add the diced apple, sugar, flour, applesauce, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon to the bowl, and mix well.

The recipe worked perfectly for me in terms of baking (actually was done - clean knife from center of pan - closer to 40 min). Just tried it :) Think I need to use a higher temperature, didn't cook all the way through. All it took was for me to have 2 old bananas and this recipe got me inspired enough to go in search of whole wheat flour! Next time, I would use apples with more of a tangy bite to them like Honeycrisp or Granny Smith.

And, don't "waste good bananas" on this recipe - use bananas that are ready to be thrown away!

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