I haven't bough pork chops in years because I never like how they taste, usually too hard and chewy. I too have an aversion to "crock pot" meals, but this looked good, so I tried it tonight and it was excellent! Going to try it this weekend, but going to put 2 Breast(boneless) & 2 (boneless) pork chops together in the crock pot…But I wonder if can try this recipe and put in my pressure cooker? If you are afraid of fats, I’d love to assure you of how healthy it is to eat these whole, natural foods.
Ah, and I have to laugh at myself because while this recipe calls for butter, cream and cream cheese – it also calls for boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which always makes me think of low-fat cooking.
WOW, that looks good…glad I haven’t made my grocery list yet because this is DEFINITELY getting made next week!! On the other hand, I always say that AT LEAST if you are making food from scratch at home, even if you are using regular ol’ store bought ingredients (like regular dairy products), at least you are eating a healthier diet than if you were eating a lot of boxed processed foods or eating out all the time. Just wanted to share that most every crock pot may contain lead that will leach into your food. Love your blog, there are so many delicious looking recipes, and this one looks outta sight!
I have pretty much the exact same recipe, except you can also use a little chicken broth and some sliced mushrooms as well.
I tried this recipe, it was extremely good and simple, I am now going to make it for a Christmas party but serve it as a dip with Townhouse crackers!!
Tried this with chicken once and with boneless pork ribs another time – both were fantastic!

I'm going to try this because I bet the crockpot makes them tender and that gravy looks delicious! You have a wonderful combination of flavors such as roasted garlic, cream of chicken soup and ranch dressing seasoning. I would love it if you would come share this over at the Holiday Sweet Swap that I'm co-hosting.
I made this tonight and it was a little salty for my taste and there really wasn't much gravy.
Very tender,, Thanks for sharing!The crock pot italian chicken recipe is on the menu for tomorrow night !! I have mixed ranch dressing in with milk or mayo and brushed onto chicken before which is also great.
The only thing I did different is I made it on the stove in 2 hrs instead of the crock pot.
There’s a big difference in the fat you consume at McGreasies and fat which is whole and natural.
A great friend now gives us free raw milk from her Jersey, and I will now use cream rather than the horrifying cream of (fill in to many disturbing ingredients here) soup. Do you still think that buy regular cream cheese and buttermilk, etc… from the stores are still a healthy version? Once the chicken is done I boil my pasta, drain it and add it to the crockpot along with a few cups of fresh chopped spinach and mix it together. Just put them in at the start, with everything, and make sure there’s a little liquid for them to cook in.

I know that some people can not handle high fat foods, but I have to say, being someone who has digestive issues, this meal soothed my stomach so well. I added a small amount of chicken stock at the beginning and so I was able to use a little less cream. Not that I have much choice but are these fats still healthy even not coming from Raw milk or being organic? Instead I pair fats with things like veggies, beans, etc, and usually only use either meat or dairy.
Not sure if you are interested in other peoples recipes, but I think I have one that will suit you! I do buy organic milk but mostly also use Almond milk or coconut milk (and sometime rice milk). I did use brown rice instead of pasta, but still…this makes me want to do more research into eating whole, natural fats.
Got soy cream and soy cream cheese and used margarine (we have a dairy allergy in our family) and I’ve used these things before in crock pot dishes and they worked well.

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