Find the plumpest, most fragrant tomatoes you can to enjoy this healthy tomato salad at its best. Fashion forward and beauty oriented, always interested in whatever is trendy and hot hot hot!
Low-fat Turkey Burgers = 35 grams protein in the burger, only 55 calories in the slice of low-fat cheddar cheese and sanwich thins for the bun (100 calories each) and Poppyseed dressing salad.
Burgers: Cook burgers on stove, flip after 5-6 min on one side, add cheese while other side is cooking.
Get detailed nutrition information, including line-by-line nutrition insights?  Try BigOven Pro for Free for 14 days! I LOVE Pasta Salad, yes I said it!  I know it’s not on my low carb diet, but it is just so fresh and tasty to me!  Check out this thrifty Pasta Salad that I am making for Memorial Day using items from my stockpile or recent sales!

Cook pasta as directed and drain.  In medium bowl, mix miracle whip, Greek yogurt, Vinegar and seasonings until thoroughly blended.
Do you have a thrifty yet healthy recipe that you would like to share with your coupon friends?  Message me and I will add it to the page and give you credit! Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most delicious, and this tomato recipe is one of those. Restaurants will load them with fattening dressings and cheeses with little room for anything nutritious.
These tart little nuggets will certainly add flavor to any bite and the antioxidants in cranberries make them one of the best fruits for a runner.
With the consistency of sour cream but with high protein content, this can take the place of calorie-laden dressings.

Rather than adding high fat ranch dressing and handfuls of cheese like a typical chef’s salad, keep the mix of proteins. We strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest version or use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome, as BigOven will function much better for you, and we may drop support for this browser version soon!
Combining the leafy greens, a protein, and the saltiness and crunch of nuts will enhance the nutritional value of any salad. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and peas with low calorie dressing are an easy way to get your recommended daily allowance of veggies.

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