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Turkey and cheese wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla – skip the mayonnaise and fill it up with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes instead.
Fruit salad – Cut up a bunch of fresh fruit and drizzle it with a bit of lemon juice as a natural preservative.  You can also keep the fruit handy in the fridge to make it easy to grab instead of chips or sweets. Chicken salad wrap made with low-fat mayonnaise – add sprouts, lettuce, grated carrots and tomatoes for a more filling wrap that also has some additional nutritional value. Ants on a log – Create these with celery sticks topped with cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins.  Ants on a log are always a favorite of adults and kids alike.
Dried nuts and raisins mix – for added interest, include a few M&Ms for your kids and call it “Trail Mix”.
Salad (pack dressing separately) – customize it with your favorite raw vegetables, sandwich meats, cheeses and egg for a filling snack or lunch. Low-fat cheese and whole wheat tortilla quesadilla – add some chicken or turkey if desired.
Cut up fruit – fruits such as apple and pear slices go great with low-fat fruit or vanilla yogurt to dip. Air popped popcorn – always a great snack, but be sure to choose a brand with low sodium and no butter.
Cup of dry low-sugar cereal – you can package these in small sized sandwich (zippered) bags as a great (almost) mess-free portable snack.

Whole-grain crackers – you can top these with cheese, lean sandwich meat, tuna or peanut butter. Fat-free pudding cups – sold in a wide variety of flavors and available in single serving cups, these are great for those on the go snacks. Cottage cheese – eat it plain or topped with fresh fruit.  You can choose low-fat cottage cheese for a healthier version.
Bran or banana muffins – make your own and substitute the oil with apple sauce for a great healthy snack. Low-fat string cheese – string cheese makes another great portable snack.  Eat it alone or mix it up by wrapping some thin sliced ham or salami around the cheese.
Edamame – these are soy beans in their shell.  Steam them and top with a bit of salt or lemon juice. Apple sauce – apple sauce is available in single serving cups and comes in a few different flavors including no sugar and cinnamon. Natural, all-fruit leathers – these are a great healthy alternative to sugar snacks like fruit rollups. Chocolate dipped strawberries – if you have a chocolate craving,  dip some strawberries or other fresh fruit into melted dark chocolate for a yummy and healthy treat. Tofu smoothie with fruit – get some tofu and blend it with frozen fruit into a creamy smoothie.
Animal Crackers – these are low-sugar cookies kids are sure to love.  Serve them with a glass of milk.

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs – alternate chunks of fresh fruit and cheese cubes and thread them on a bamboo skewer for a fun and of course healthy snack. Avocado chunks –iIf the avocado gets very ripe and “squishy”, spread it on some whole wheat toast, just like you would butter.
Lettuce Wraps – take a large leaf of lettuce and top it with raw veggies, ham or turkey and a little low-fat ranch dressing. For smaller appetites pack smaller servings; cut sandwiches into quarters and chop up fruit so that there is still time to play. Eat them for lunch with a side, or just whenever you need something to tide you over between lunch and dinner.
Having small, regular meals and snacks by choosing from all food groups (while watching fat intake) is a better approach than skipping meals and "binging" when hungry. The following snack ideas are suggestions for what to pack for school, or to prepare at home, between main meals.

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