Cookbooks A selection of the best healthy food cookbooks in the UK, with recipe ideas to help develop cookery skills while maintaining a healthy diet. All product names, trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks or registered service marks, mentioned throughout any part of the Weight Loss Resources web site belong to their respective owners. Many times I’ve tried cooking Jambalaya, but somehow it always seems to end up like either a risotto or a paella. However, hubby and son absolutely loved this meal and would be happy to eat it on a regular basis.
As well as failing to post for a month I have come to confess that this week I have been eating ready meals instead of home cooking. Looking back at my meals for the last week I can see that the calorie content is indeed low and I have been making sure to eat breakfast but as expected the salt and fat content can still be quite high considering the portion size. Very impressive for a curry and it also tasted like a nice curry and wasn't swimming in oil!
The healthiest meal we had all week has to be the chicken breasts in tomato and basil sauce. Still to try is the Chicken and Broccoli Pie, 33% GDA of salt but otherwise good, and the Braised Beef with Mash, again the salt GDA was above the the calorie GDA but good on the fats. So "Yes" you will lose weight eating light choices meals when paired with healthy breakfasts and a good lunch, just be aware of salt and saturated fats!

For example, red light indicates food is high in something we should be trying to cut down on whereas green means the food is low in that nutrient.
Five large food manufacturers, Kellogg’s, Danone, Kraft, Nestle and Pepsico, were the first batch against this traffic light labeling. Some critics said that the GDA system is flawed because nearly half of adults lack the numerical skills to understand what the labels mean. The reason most food companies are against the use of traffic light system because they worry that consumer will misinterpret that red means don’t buy. The traffic light system is good, some stores have had this on their own brand products in the UK for a couple of years. We plan to put % of recommendation in colored circle to let people know how much those nutrients they will get. Also you mentioned about the report on the survey of 17,000 parents “In fact, the latest statistic shows that 80% of the 17,000 parents backed traffic lights.
In 2010, the Co-Operative supermarket re branded their 'Healthy Living' range with the 'Healthier Choice' label. So when I saw this Smokey Cajun Chicken Jambalaya in Marks & Spencer, I thought it might be worth seeing what the real thing should taste like. This turned out to be a good decision as, although it’s been given a mild chilli rating, I found it quite spicy (from my taste test), much more so than my own versions.

In a bid to beat the post-Christmas bulge we have been eating Tesco Light Choices Ready meals which do claim to be healthy. I like to look at daily allowances here rather than grams and in theory I believe that a meals which uses 23% of your daily calorie allowance should ideally be similar for fats and salts etc. At 150 calories per breast and less than 5% of your GDA for fat & saturates this lived up to its light choices branding.
So far All of the meals have been tasty and I understand that removing salt can result in a quite flavourless meal.
These meals are ideal for those who are trying to lose weight but still want to enjoy a few of life’s comfort foods without any guilt. Mothers find it easier to teach their children about healthy food with traffic light system. But then I do have to temper the chilli down as the younger family members can't tackle spicy hot just yet. Even the British Medical Association has officially support the traffic light idea.” Please give me a reference of this report.

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