The renouned eating settlement that’s good for your heart—the Mediterranean diet—is also good for your waistline, according to a examination of 5 studies that compared a Mediterranean diet with other weight-loss diets. The trials, that enclosed a sum of 998 overweight or portly people, pitted a Mediterranean diet (which is abounding in vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, and olive oil though light on meat, dairy, and eggs) opposite one or some-more of 3 other diets: a low-fat diet, a low-carb diet, and a American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet. Over all, people mislaid between 9 and 22 pounds after a year on a Mediterranean diet, that was identical to a series of pounds strew by those on a low-carb diet or a ADA diet.

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But since a Mediterranean diet also appears to cut a risk of heart conflict and cadence by 30%, it’s an generally good choice for those disposed to heart disease.

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