Using a store-bought rotisserie chicken for this spicy Mexican Chicken Bake will help save time. Sunset Low-Fat Mexican Cook Book - Contemporary & Classic Recipes for Healthy Eating, 1994, Second Printing, Sunset Publishing Co., softcover, 128pp. Eight chapters of recipes, each with dozens of Mexican recipes with great flavor, developed to conform to low-fat guidelines set by the American Heart Association.

In typical Sunset fashion, there are loads of pages with full-color photographs, and the recipes are clearly written using step-by-step directions.
The chicken filling is sandwiched between two corn tortillas, topped with tomatoes, cilantro and reduced fat cheese, and baked until the cheese is melted. Try the Low Fat Corn Tortilla Chips with the Creamy Pinto Bean Dip (0 fat grams for both), or Chicken Enchilada Casserole served with Spanish Rice.

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