These top 30 low fat raw vegan recipes are a collection of recipes that you can use with no regret all over the year and also celebrate the holiday season with meals that can give you the energy and nutrition without giving in to the temptations of cooked foods on your family table.
There is no fuss and rush with these low fat raw vegan diet recipes because it’s so easy to prepare and gives you a blast of benefits such healthy weight-loss, increased energy, optimal nutrition and health, detoxification and a lot more!
Check out these exciting low fat raw vegan recipes from our amazing and passionate vegan and raw vegan bloggers! I use a Spiralizer (same as when making zucchini or cucumber pasta) for the daikon noodles. Place all the Almond Ginger Sauce ingredients in the Vitamix (a food processor using the S-shaped blade will work as well but you might need to add a bit more water).

Pour the Almond Ginger Sauce over the daikon pasta and sprinkle the shredded carrots, broccoli and bell pepper on top. If you can bear to let the sauce sit in the fridge for an hour or so, it’ll taste even better! These low fat raw vegan recipes aren’t just good looking but gives you the richness of a healthy mind, body and spirit. I then sprinkle some of my favorite veggies on top and finish off with a few tablespoons of spicy almond, ginger sauce. I really enjoyed your site and added it to my favorites and will share it with family and friends.

It’s a liver cleanser (I already discussed why I place great emphasis on keeping my liver healthy), abundant in digestive enzymes, anti-bacterial and a skin enhancer to boot.
I knew it was a nutritional powerhouse but did not expect it to be such a tasty gluten-free pasta alternative.

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