When you think of slow cooker recipes, you typically think of stews, chilis and other hearty dishes that aren’t necessarily the best for your waistline. This sesame chicken is just as good as takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant, without all the added grease. It’s like your favorite broccoli cheddar casserole, made in the slow cooker without all the fat.
This slow cooker stew can be prepared with many ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. This slow cooker lasagna is easier and less time consuming than a traditional baked lasagna. These slow cooker cabbage rolls are simple to make and incorporate a sauce that’s brimming with flavor. Perhaps we should begin by saying this recipe clocks in at just two grams of fat per serving—two!
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Baba ghanoush is a renowned Middle Eastern dip prepared with mashed eggplant, mixed with olive oil and other seasonings. Chocolate mousse is one of the easiest and satisfying desserts you can eat without feeling guilty.
This delicious recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients like ground turkey, brown rice, corn kernels, black beans and tomatoes. Crock pot Black Bean Chili is a delicious vegetarian meal prepared with black beans and loads of healthy vegetarians.

Tropical smoothies are made with the assortments of healthy tropical fruits like mango, papaya and banana. This Quorn curry could be made in exactly the same way with chicken, just substitute the chicken-style Quorn pieces with chicken.
While this is cooking cut the pepper, onion and tomatoes into chunks (approx 3cm) and stir fry them in the remaining oil for a few minutes until tender.
Coming in at 8 grams of fat per serving, it’s a high-flavor dish you can easily substitute in place of the traditional Asian meal you’re craving. It combines all fresh ingredients and takes just ten minutes to prep, then simmers in the slow cooker all day.
This recipe gives you all the cheesy goodness you crave without the added fat from using canned soup. Black beans and kidney beans add protein and take the place of high-fat ground beef, bringing this dish down to just seven grams of fat per serving. At just six grams of fat per serving, this dish easily takes the place of that fattening spinach and artichoke appetizer served at many restaurants. Plus, it combines all the flavors of your favorite Italian dish for just nine grams of fat per serving! They come in at seven grams of fat per serving, and the ground turkey makes them a great source of protein, too. Legumes are an excellent heart healthy source of protein, so this dish will fill you up without the added fat. A diet rich in fat not only increases weight, but can also raise cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of heart diseases. Granita is a traditional Italian ice dessert prepared with fresh fruit syrups like berries, grapefruit, oranges and watermelon.
Blueberries are packed with fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C, making them a healthy evening snack. The dish bursts with the tangy lemon flavor, while the herbs like oregano and thyme add an exotic touch to the food. If you’re using chicken add it to the pan and cook it for a minute until the outside has gone white. If you want to go crazy and turn it into a feast add papadums, naan bread, mango chutney and a nice cold glass of Cobra beer!

For just six grams of fat per serving, they’re a guilt-free way to get your south of the border fix. It weighs in at just seven grams of fat per serving, so you can enjoy it guilt-free all winter long. When you name Caesar salad, people on diets often reject it owing to its creamy dressings and deep-fried croutons.
Prepare chocolate mousse using dark chocolate as it is rich in antioxidants and keeps the metabolism levels high.
Smoothies are an excellent way to get the daily dose of vitamin C and other essential nutrients.
Chop the garlic and add it to the pan (don’t let it burn!) followed by the tin of chopped tomatoes, the spices, sugar and salt. This mix needs to simmer on medium heat for about 20 minutes now.Simply serve the cabbage nicely and top it off with the curd cheese.
In order to lose weight, you need to consume low calorie and low fat food as much as possible.
Fry, or rather bake the chicken in the oven to get the crisp and crunch of deep fried chicken without the addition of extra fat. The chicken thighs can withstand hours of slow cooking without losing its texture and flavor.
Some simple tips for reducing fat include omission of red meat, whole-fat dairy products and junk foods.
The recipe mentions taco shells, but you can also substitute it with tortillas or bread toast.
Lemon herb chicken is extremely versatile and goes well with rice, vegetables and a side dish for a filling meal. Apart from the taste, black bean chili is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, folate and molybdenum.

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