This is a tangy and refreshing side salad or appetizer that would be a perfect beginning to a spring or summer lunch. The windows no longer have to be tightly shut, after a long winter they slowly creak open to welcome the fresh breeze.
I get back on track by eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and as you see here, salads. Well said, summer is even better than spring ;) Thank you, it was a nice tart compliment to the sweet strawberries.
Gorgeous salad that I could dive right into, I think strawberries and greens go so well together, now I need to try out your dressing.
I was looking at your links at the end of your post and was pleasantly surprised to see my chicken kabobs! Now you want to take the time to stop, smell, point your face upwards towards the sun and gently smile to yourself.

Strawberries to me are the first sing that spring is right around the corner or has arrived. It snowed here today (still snowing), my Spring bug will have to be delayed…but I could always fake it with this salad. Mustard vinaigrette is one of my go-to dressings but I’ve never tried it with turmeric (love it).
Scatter raspberries and walnut pieces on top.Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of your favorite low fat or fat free citrus or raspberry vinaigrette. Every year in early March I start waiting, with great anticipation, for the official arrival of spring. On the official start of spring I make a conscious effort to get back on track and shed the extra winter fat. Or make your own dressing using 1 part good-quality olive oil to three parts orange, lemon or grapefruit juice.

I feel as excited as a child does around Christmas, the anticipation is part of all the fun. I can never get enough strawberries and I always look for ways to incorporate them into both sweet and savory dishes. I’ll definitely be making this salad through out the spring and summer, or as long as strawberries last.
But rather than material gifts the spring gifts come in the form of sunshine, warm breezes and bird songs.
This is my first strawberry recipe of the new season, a sweet, savory, tart, crisp, fresh, delicious and most important healthy salad.

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