Recipes for free offers loads of free recipes and is one of the largest selections of free recipes available on the web! All types of recipes from chicken and soup recipes to salmon recipe, cakes, biscuits and a collection of christmas recipes. Find recipes for everyone on this site, whether you are a kitchen pro or are just wanting to do something different on a Sunday afternoon. We offer a large selection of recipes from salmon and smoothie recipes, and chicken to christmas recipes. Every year people look for a Traditional Xmas Cake Recipe - one that they know will result in a delicious cake they can be proud to say they made. TwitterShare on TumblrChristmas is just one day of the year, but many of us are counting the kilos for weeks after cause we treat it like a month long event with advent calendars, more social events and of course leftovers.

Its that time of year again, the sleigh bells aren’t quite ringing, but Santa is preparing for the festive season. This year we have 5 beautifully prepared Christmas hamper selections for you to choose from (see below for details).
A great Christmas Gift for family and friends…any of our Hampers delivered to their door.
Cut the fruit (except the grapes) into shapes – you can use cookie cutters if you like to create different shapes. One by one push one end of each toothpick into a piece of fruit, then push the other end into the cone with a slight upward slant. Top with a star – try using a piece of melon and using a cookie cutter to create the shape.

Choose from hundreds of Gluten free quick christmas cake recipes, which are easy to cook the food. It's an old favourite and also included is the recipe for making your own marzipan, and of course royal icing.

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