Search "#makeuptransformation" on Instagram, and you'll understand the full power of makeup. A face lift in a plastic surgeon's office averages about $6,500 and comes with its share of risks. Just a little (OK, a lot of) well-placed bronzer and eyeliner can change a normal-looking girl into anyone from Captain Jack Sparrow to a real-life Disney princess. With a little contouring know-how, you can fake thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery.

To get the illusion of tighter, plumper skin without going under anesthesia, Chang-Babaian says that contouring and highlighting is key. Chang-Babaian recommends applying a thin, straight line of highlighter along the bridge of the nose -- the wider the line of highlighter, the wider the nose will appear. If your brow does not touch the pencil, fill in lightly with a brow pencil or pomade in a slightly darker color than your natural brows. In her new book, "Beauty Rewind," makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian shows us how to shave off years (and save a bundle) with a flick of a makeup brush.

Luckily, Chang-Babaian says that creating the illusion of full lips is easy -- and you don't need to get anywhere near a needle to do it. Use highlighter to bring forward sunken under-eyes, highlight the bridge of the nose and lift brows," Chang-Babaian explains in her book.

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