Apply the main eyelid color onto the lid with a depositor brush.  Again you want to dab the color on the lid as this will give more color payoff for smokey eye, especially when you use pigments or dark colors.  You don’t want to use a sweeping motion because this can take away the dramatic effect of the eye and leave you with a subtle tone and what do we want to achieve?  A  Smokey eye, so pack it on! Load on the mascara.   Apply a heavy amount of mascara to your lashes for a night out or you can even add a band of lashes to the eyes.
2.) if you do your base first then be sure to powder under the eyes with a loose powder, preferably white or a yellow based loose powder to catch the fallout from the dark eyeshadow.
Please let us know if this how to do smokey eye makeup tutorial was helpful in the comments below, thanks! To chat about makeup, ask a question about theNotice, or just say hi, free to drop me a line here. 2.Ilumina el hueso de ceja con una sombra de ojos blanca mate como LIQUID , despues difumina en el pliegue una sombra cafe claro mate como CAPPUCCINO, marca el pliegue del ojo con una sombra negra mate como ONIX. 5.Agrega pestanas postizas y aplica mascara negra de pestanas como LUSTRAFY HIGH DEFINITION en color ONIX.
Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. I know that elaborate makeup can seem intimidating, but these tutorials are great even if you’re not an expert. 1.) Start with your lightest eye-shadow in white or cream color concentrating on the inner lid.
2.) Using an angled shadow brush, choose a golden coral eye-shadow above the crease moving from the middle to the outer lid.
3.) Choose a pointed shadow brush to pull a matte hazelnut brown color just through the crease of the lid. 6.) With the same dark brown shadow, lightly smudge the outer upper lid to create definition.

Our beauty guru’s in the studio are back in action this week with the perfect Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial!
2) Using NYX Smokey Eye Shadow kit, use the hazelnut brown eye shadow and create a base shade by applying it all over the upper lid. 4) Apply the same shade you just used down and around your bottom lash line using a small angled precision brush.
5) Using the black eye shadow, create a smoky crease by carefully concentrating the color in a small triangle shape on the outer corner of the upper lid. 6) Re-line the upper lash line using NYX Satin Finish Black Liner to create extreme definition to the smoky look.
8) Chose a small brush and apply white shadow in the inner corner to brighten the look, which will make the eyes pop. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
I'm Rae, and this is theNotice, a Canadian blog about weird, wonderful beauty products, blogging, and other naughty things. Highlight the inner corner with a white pearlized Pressed Eye Shadow in CREME FRESH, next place pink pearlized Pressed Eye Shadow in PINK DIAMOND since the inner corner until center of the mobile eyelid and do the same in the last free space of the mobile eyelid applying a golden pearlized Pressed Eye Shadow in PINK GOLD. Ilumina el lagrimal con una sombra blanca brillosa como CREME FRESH, despues aplica una sombra rosa brillosa como PINK DIAMOND desde el lagrimal hasta el centro del parpado movil y realiza lo mismo en la ultima parte del parpado con una sombra dorada brillosa como PINK GOLD . During rush it’s best to keep it fresh and natural and let your true beauty shine through!
I know they state the color choices in the tutorial, but I am asking for more specifics such as the brand they used. This sultry lid is a true fall classic and is the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated.

I am going to try it out and would like to share the results in my blog – with a link back to your original post! No matter how you create it, have fun with it and  make mistakes because that’s the only way to learn!  Remember it’s only makeup, it washes off!  For more advanced smokey eye techniques stay tuned for our future a more advanced smokey eye makeup tutorial! I already posted this new pictorial on my Instagram and Facebook but now we have the step-by-step tutorial in English and Spanish below for everyone!
Delinea las pestanas superiores con gel delineador negro como LITTLE BLACK DRESS haciendo un ala al final. And you can put on all black, a tail and ears, but without some cat makeup, you really won’t impress anyone.
Our natural eye makeup tutorial is the perfect way to look polished, beautiful and totally you!
Pair it with a nude lip for the day and amp it up with a burgundy lip for a night on the town!
Be sure to blend out any excess powder so your highlight has a soft look and if you use a shimmer or frost be mindful of the glitter flakes getting everywhere.  When applying the highlight, sweep in toward the eye and not away from the face so to not spread more glitter flakes on the skin. I would like to give you all the credit and am looking at this from the perspective of someone who is clueless with make up (me) trying out various tutorials and seeing how I do.

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