Moshi Monsters creator Mind Candy has launched an epic back to school range and healthy meal plan based on its globally successful children's World of Warriors brand.World of Warriors packed lunch sets are on sale at Asda, containing a lunch bag, water bottle and snack pot. Registering is free, easy, and means you can join in the discussion, get discounts, win prizes and lots more. Use this space to create a self-styled ad (with your chosen image and a click through link to your website). I know how difficult it can be to find the schedule or printable versions of a workout program or even a very basic exercise calendar for you to write down your schedule.
I’ve have also come up with printable pages to help you keep track of your meals through out the day. There is also a warrior rucksack with cool graphics and handy compartments allowing your little ones to transport their lunch to school.Most of us experience the uphill struggle of encouraging children to eat healthily.

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World of Warriors has teamed up with leading child nutrition consultant Charlotte Stirling Reed to create a weekly meal plan that contains quick, simple and delicious well-balanced lunch boxes that kids will love. Each day is balanced to meet official recommendations for a healthy lunchbox and helps to get them on their way to their 5-a-day. Our mini testers loved making their own 'Roman Rampage Pitta Pizza'!Your chance to winWe have a lunch set, rucksack and meal plan (we love that it has magnets to stick to the fridge!) to giveaway. I spent a lot of time finding these schedules and designing them into calendars that are easy to print out. Good luck!Here are a few tips from nutritional consultant Charlotte Stirling Reed on making healthy lunch boxes:- To keep food cool, freeze a bottle of water and place it in a plastic bag in the lunchbox.

By lunchtime it will have melted for your little one to have a cool drink too.- Use seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are cheaper and more nutrient dense- Get your kids involved in making the lunch box - right from helping you write your shopping list, to choosing foods at the supermarket and packing it all up the night before- Talk to your children about what foods they like and don't like in their lunchbox.
World of Warriors follows the greatest warriors in history, who have been summoned to a mysterious land where they have to defeat the warlord and his skull army.

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