No matter how many mornings I spend standing in front of my bedroom mirror, sighing as I paw at my doughy middle, I still can’t bring myself to join my colleagues on the high-intensity, carb-free bandwagon. Scanning the label, I realised I should probably have pored over the long list of ingredients in advance.
I called Dr Igho Onakpoya at the University of Oxford, who has published research on the effects of over-the-counter slimming pills. Despite this, reports by the British Nutrition Foundation show yearly sales of over-the-counter slimming products exceed £900m in Western Europe alone.
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Contains very potent energy boosters combined with mild appetite suppressants and diuretics. In addition to caffeine and green tea, two well known fat burners, this boasts ALA, an omega–3 which promotes speedy metabolism.
Thermobol's array of fat mobilisers are effective in reversing weight gain, and the B vitamins help keep your metabolism firing.

CLA is famous for its fat burning potential, and as little as 1.7g a day (2 capsules) has been found to speed up weight loss.
Each two-capsule serving contains 150mg of caffeine (a coffee’s worth), alongside a cocktail of seven other stimulants.
He explained that, while the thermogenic (calorie-burning) effect from caffeine can increase the amount of fat you lose, excessive doses can result in anxiety and sleep disturbances. I hated feeling my heart beating so fast that
I could have been an extra in Human Traffic. This works for bigger guys trying to shed the flab and men who want to uncover their six-pack. I choose my duvet over early morning runs and weekend takeaways over a week’s worth of lean-lunch prep on a Sunday night. Plus the early-hours adverts suggest a handful can transform me into an MH poster boy, no pulls-up required.
So, when eBody’s T5 Hardcore fat-burning pills landed on my desk with their aggressive branding and promotional bluster, I was intrigued.

By week three, I was making significantly smaller plates of fodder and my daily intake dropped by an estimated 500 calories.
For this reason, the pills should be regarded as a short-term aid or a way to kick-start a fitness regime. Could these little red pills really burn away my body fat – without demanding I sacrifice my love of lie-ins?
Almost immediately I was more satisfied by smaller meals; my usual pile of spaghetti and meatballs felt too heavy come dinner. The pills seemed to be working as an appetite suppressant, rather than simply scorching my fat.

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