It just went from Beta to version 1.0, so it still has bugs and occasional crashes to work out.
If you’re not a Weight Watchers user, but you want to get some basic information, there is some good data here.
The app is pretty feature-rich, so while the main features like tracking and searching, are pretty easy to figure out quickly, especially if you’ve used their tools in other formats, there is a lot here to explore. Ask NerdGirl: Lock Patterns, International Google Voice Search, Weight Watchers on Android, Annoying Network Settings Fixed, and T-Mobile US vs. I stopped using it, mostly because there were a few glitches that drove me crazy, like having to sign in every time, and a few force close issues that cropped up. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers.
So…As we all know the glorious thing about Weight Watchers is…WE CAN EAT WHATEVER WE WANT!!!
This looks great — I am trying clean eating with WW as well, and adding mileage to my running schedule.
Healthy Weight Watchers PointsPlus Recipes To Help Lose The Weight And Keep It Off.Many Weight Watchers Points Plus Recipes Added Daily.

It requires 17MB of internal storage just to download the app, and then once you do, it needs another 30MB of space to download all the databases. The look and feel matches those perfectly, for a very seamless experience no matter where you choose to access and track your information.
Like I said, I haven’t tried the WW app in several months, so I’d suggest checking it out on another device if you can (or convincing someone at a store to let you try it on a demo unit) so you can see how you like it! A few years, a lot of determination & 130 lbs down later, I feel like I'm finally alive!
The left was actually taken last Sunday night (I started this journey on Monday!) and the right is from Wednesday night.
Get the latest recipes, health news, exercise ideas, and more, all on your phone when you are on the go. But we aren’t here to debate the relative merits of the program itself, I just wanted to make sure you know this review comes from someone who knows the ins-and-outs of their programs. The tracking tools, the calculator, and the ability to access pretty much everything you need from your device is a serious convenience that makes the program that much easier to stick with. As it is, it is a seriously good app, but the sheer size just makes it a bit impractical for every person who uses it.

Plus, our Android App is fully compatible with our PointsPlus® program, so you can keep track of your weight loss anytime, anywhere. Believe it or not, that’s gotten a tad bit better since Beta, but it is still a major issue, and one of the greatest most people complain about.
I would love to see a way to pick and choose which databases you want, so people could have the option of installing the full thing or just the pieces they use to open that up more. It’s free, instead of having to pay for the WW plan, and I think it has a bigger database and better tools, personally.
It was quite a bit worse in Beta, so the developers have gone a long way toward fixing the issues, so this is something I’m willing to set aside for now, simply because they have demonstrated that they are aware of the problems, and they are actively working to fix them.
I will be sure to share info as I find it as well =D But basically if it’s made from real ingredients and not fake stuff you’re good!

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