Louisiana’s coastline is losing wetlands at a rate of 16.57 square miles a year, equal to the loss of a football field of coast every hour. ARCH 7004 Losing Ground: Methods for Leeville is the fourth architecture studio in the six-studio sequence Master of Architecture Program at Louisiana State University.
Leeville, once a stopping point on LA-1, is now bypassed by the recently elevated highway which will eventually connect Port Fourchon directly to Golden Meadow, behind the levee, completely isolating Leeville. United States Geologic Survey (USGS) Plates demonstrating land loss around Leeville between 1935 and 1994.
The goal of the studio was for each student to imagine a possible future for Leeville, to  create a video narrative about that scenario, and to propose a method for designing in that future.
Rather than advocating for a traditional notion of ‘saving’ the studio explored the concept of absence and questioned architecture’s methods for simultaneously preserving, un-building, and designing possible futures for Leeville. The documentary film Water Like Stoneset in Leeville provided a precedent for film as a narrative media for architecture and urban design. Each student produced a method for Leeville, using drawing, photography, video, writing, and modeling. Radical Survivalism (Karl Schmidt) imagines Leeville as an infrastructural node that is attuned to natural functions and processes of its geography.
Adaptation (James Canales) imagines a Leeville where architecture serves as the basis of a new infrastructure of land building, returning Leeville to its previous footprint. Realism (Kevin Miller) imagines Leeville as a continuation of a the existing flood protection infrastructure and re-purposes the town as a flood gate managing Bayou Lafourche. Resistance (Kelli Cunningham) imagines Leeville as a series of contemporary three-dimensional arpents, capturing and redistributing the environmental and economic resources of the landscape.
This process of imagining a future in which to build culminated in an architecture that reconsiders the tectonic occupation of the delta.
Thank you Janet Rhodus of Launch Leeville for organizing a boat tour of Leeville and introducing the students to the joys of fishing. Work complied by Kelli Cunningham, LSU Architecture + Landscape Architecture Graduate Student.
The studio examined the small coastal town of Leeville, Louisiana as a surrogate for towns throughout the Gulf South. The end of Old Highway 1 can be seen in the bottom right hand corner disappearing into the water. Assembled by Jimmy Canales from Google Earth Pro imagery. Bounded to the east by  Bayou Lafourche the town remains an important ice production post for the commercial and recreational fishing industries.
This process of world building was introduced through Moira Crone’s The Not Yet, set in the complex and fascinating dystopian landscape of 22nd century New Orleans. Ms. These methods aim to reconsider the conceptual framework for the future of small towns often overlooked in discussions of urbanism.
Therefore, the present conditions of the Louisiana coast represent several possible scenarios for the future of the nation’s coast and provide a real-life context for examining the tools, methods, and practices that will be required to cope with those consequences.

Leeville is not protected by the levee system and is exposed to the impacts of a changing climate, coastal land loss, and increasingly violent storm events.
Once home to orange groves and cotton fields the footprint of the Leeville has given way to wetlands (see USGS Map Plates). They are not intended to provide realistic or complete solutions but rather to use fictional narratives to make the ‘impossible easier to imagine’. The methods for Leeville are as follows.
However, it was also used to depictA a person who is so upset about not getting what he wanted that he turns to the court system to sue or to demand what he is striving to obtain.
As architect and theorist Stan Allen notes in his articleArtificial Ecologies that the practice of architecture has always been in the paradoxical position of being invested in the production of real, concrete matter yet working with tools of abstract representation (drawings, models, computer simulations and so forth). Instead of taking no for an answer, this person is so intenton getting his own way that he will search, seek, and investigate, never giving up in his pursuit toA get what he wants.
Thirty permanent residents remain, others commute from Golden Meadow to work, and during the recreational fishing season the population grows to several hundred temporary residents.
Not MORE Perry Theories?A When Pete was at school, and throughout his teenage years, his friends and a few adults would raise their hands in alarm as Pete propounded a new theory.
Not just in The UK, but all over the World.Normally placid creatures such as foxes and squirrels have started attacking humans. IfA you cana€™t honestly state what you think or what you want, then dona€™t say or do anything.
They make us obese, sluggish, and many additives are increasingly making us angry and confrontational.We are also the untidiest creatures on the planet, throwing away discarded rubbish and food. Animals and birds are opportunists, particularly in urban areas, where Mankind has deprived them of their natural food by paving over grasslands, cutting down trees for buildings and roads, and driving out the predators natural prey such as rabbits and 'game birds'.A i»?Well then, it must also apply to BIRDS AND ANIMALS! When compounded together, the new word portraysA someone who comes alongside another and then begins to poke, prick, or stick that other person with some type of sharpened instrument.
Barnabas wanted to take John Mark onA the next journey, but Paul was against it because John Mark had already proven himself unfaithfulA on an earlier trip. I especially find this interesting because the wordA oxsusA is the exact word for a€?vinegara€? in the Russian language. Arranged installation of separate solar digital record meter as well as arrange a new digital electric consumption meter. The fact that this is the word for vinegar lets us know that the words Paul and Barnabas spoke to each other wereA stringent, sharp, severe, sour, tart, bitter,A and acidy.
Solar, Wind etca€¦a€¦how they manage that is a conundrum but they do invest their profits into more 'green energy' sources.My system is 10 Panels facing slightly South East and generates income of approx A?900 per year but at the earliest rate. The rates for later installations were reduced by this "Greenest Government ever !!"By my calculations as well as generating solar electricity it will take me approx 8 to 9 years to recover the costs of materials and installation after that its free income BUT my applying for Solar is not primarily for profit but to show that clean Solar energy is possible and an inducement to othersa€¦..sadly most would rather spend their money on a Gas guzzling A?30 grand motor !! It literally meant to credit to someonea€™s account.A Before us is the image of a bookkeeper who meticulously keeps accurate financial records.

Anyway back to the plot, I'm very pleased with my system, I've made a very good friend in Colin who is always ready to give advicea€¦.he even does the Band PAT Test for me ! ButA in this case, the bookkeeper is an offended person who keeps detailed records of every wrong thatA was ever done to him. Just as a bookkeeper has an entry for every debit and credit on the books, thisA person painstakingly stores in his memory all the mistakes, faults, grievances, disappointments, failures,A or perceived wrongdoings that someone has made against him. But no probs now.I am looking at another piece of technology Colin has recommended and that is a way of diverting excess solar generated electricity to heating my domestic hot water.
Once they are under the blood of Jesus, God separates them from you forever.A You see, that is how real agape love behaves. So if you are ever tempted to keep mental records of wrongs someone has done to you, be aware that youa€™re not giving to that person the same mercyA God has given to you. It is simply a way of life to them.Not only are many houses fitted with green roofs, but so are sheds and even bus shelters!
The fact that youa€™re flipping back to that old record of wrongs again and again a€” bringing up past grievances that should have been forgiven and forgotten a€” means you are not perfected in love!
There are three more days to go as we delve deeply into the precious, Spirit-anointed words in this passage of Scripture.
As you read them, take the time to carefully digest them; take them deep into your heart and soul.
I know that this is very grievous to You and damaging to my relationships.A I repent for participating in this evil behavior, and I ask You to help me be honest in all myA dealings with other people.
Help me to curb my anger, hold my tongue, and refrain from speakingA words that bring harm. I dona€™t deceptively twist situations to my advantage, nor do I deliberately engage inA actions or speak words that cause an ugly or violent response.
Have you ever been guilty of manipulating situations or scheming behind the scenes to get what you wanted? When you were doing it, was your heart grieved because you knew what you were doing was displeasing to the Lord?A 2.
Have you ever spoken words that were so ugly, they resulted in harming a precious relationship? If you have damaged a relationship due to bad words, why dona€™t you lay down your pride and go ask that person to forgive you?A 3. Have you forgiven those who have done wrong to you in the past, or do you still hold them hostage in your mind?

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