September 19, 2014 by Michelle 12 Comments TweetThe whole month of October is dedicated to Halloween for kids, lets get serious! Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels – These are darling with orange sprinkles with tiny frosting vines. Nutter Butter Bats – I love nutter butter cookies and these are adorable dipped in chocolate.
Candy Corn Fruit Cocktails – Can’t get any better with this using mandarin oranges, pineapples and whipped cream! Pumpkin Quesadillas – Make your own cheese quesadilla’s that are shaped like Jack-o-Lanterns! Pumpkin Shaped Deviled Eggs – Deviled eggs are my favorite snack and these look so festive!
Rice Krispie Bats – Shape your rice krispies into bat outlines and add a face for a fun snack.
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If you're an early riser or if you don't eat much for breakfast, a midmorning snack can be the difference between staying on track at lunch and gorging on anything in sight.

For a hydrating snack that helps you meet your veggie quota, make this cucumber and Greek yogurt ranch dip snack. A piece of fruit is one of the best ways to snack, but if you're looking for something a little bit more substantial, try these eight 150-calorie fruit snack ideas. Midnight cereal chomping, energy-dense sports snacks and on-the-go breakfast replacements are just some of the trends set to shape the snacking market next year, according to Datamonitor Consumer. The research firm’s latest report Five Opportunities for Snacking in 2015 identified a handful of promising areas for next year’s snacking space:.
Traditional snack makers, he said, could tap into these concepts by teaming up with other food firms, for example a cracker company could collaborate with a cheese company to develop a post-dinner snack kit, he said.Opportunities for targeting the fourth meal occasion, however, could be tapped into by cereal manufacturers alone, Whalley said. Compared to the nine out of 10 consumers that snacked on fruit, vegetable snacking still had room for growth, he said, but not necessarily for the traditional snack maker. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers.
A recent study found that overweight people who snacked between breakfast and lunch ended up eating more and losing less weight than the participants who didn't snack in the morning, possibly because people who snacked between breakfast and lunch weren't actually doing so because they were hungry.
The healthy fats and fiber will keep you full and since half an avocado is about 160 calories, you don't risk having a meal's worth of calories before lunchtime.

If your midmorning desire for potato chips is getting out of hand, here are 10 salty snack ideas under 150 calories instead — from hummus to nuts.
It'll satisfy crunchy cravings without resorting to conventional (and unhealthy) ranch dips. Something as simple as drizzling a cut-up peach with honey can take your snack from normal to seemingly indulgent without a huge increase in calories. Compared to older adults, these guys over-index on snacking late into the evening…Cereals have always been a popular student choice but it’s always been in spite of how they’re positioned and marketed.”For snacks that targeted this midnight hour, he said there was less need for a health focus. Just click on the links below the photos to get the tutorial, they are in order from left to right.
If you're hungry, snacking can help you stick to your diet overall, but if you're snacking for other reasons — you're bored or emotional, for example — snacking can be synonymous with diet sabotage.

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