After spending some time a little overweight, Amanda finally came to the realization that something had to be done.
What sets P90x apart from other workout programs and weight loss products is that the creators admit it is a tough program. The P90x workout program also consists of doing a workout 6 days a week, with the seventh day as an optional stretching day. My experience with P90x was great, I was hooked almost immediately which I was surprised about because I went in almost certain it wasn’t going to be for me. In the video, Kim specifically talks about diamond pushups, which can be challenging for someone who is not used to strength training and has little upper body strength. Before starting P90x, Kelly was feeling bored with her exercise routine and was unhappy with her body, she thought it was as good as it was gonna get. In the first couple of weeks of the P90x exercise program, you will be pretty exhausted after the workouts, so when it comes time for Ab Ripper X, it can be pretty challenging. So, unless you are already in great shape, Ab Ripper X will be  tough workout to keep up on. I must admit that I feel a little funny posting photos of myself shirtless on the internet, but here they are. P90x is an intense, time consuming program, but I knew I could dedicate an hour a day if I just pushed myself. My name is Marcus Ochoa and I am a Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach from Commerce Michigan. Marcus is a true team player, the support he gives, and the training he has plugged me into is way more than I expected. Amanda was an athlete in college, so she could basically eat whatever she wanted and didn’t have to worry about gaining weight, she would burn off the extra calories at practices and games. Millions of users will tell you that after doing 90 days of the P90x exercise program, they are in the best shape of their lives. Proper eating and nutrition is a very important part of the program and you will want to follow it as closely as possible to achieve the best results possible. I had always worked out on a regular basis, but typically the same exercises every time, so P90x was a great change of pace. Kim had been doing cardio on a regular basis but wasn’t seeing the the results she wanted. I’m sure there are a few of you out there, but in general this workout is going to be a challenge for those who are even in the best of shape. It could be your answer for those stubborn last 5 pounds that you have been trying to get rid for the past few years.
After Kelly’s husband came home with the DVDs, she thought she would give it a try and that maybe this is what can get rid of those 5-10 pounds she had been complaining about the past few years.

In the beginning most people will find that 25 reps is just too hard, so I would recommend starting  out with a lower number of reps, even as low as 5 -10 and work your way up.
I also have to admit I was not trying to flex my muscles in the day 1 photos while I was flexing my hardest for the day 90 photos, it makes for a better effect. If you'd like to earn some extra money while getting healthy and back in shape, then you've come to the right place. This time I have committed myself and I chose Marcus as my coach after researching many other coaches. However, when college ended Amanda’s bad eating habits continued, and resulted in inevitable weight gain.
I’ve done stretch x quite a few times and can honstly say that I love it and recommend it.
She decided to give the P90x exercise program a try and after 90 days is in the best shape of her life. For those of you that fall in this category, let me be the first to tell you that you’re wrong. There are a numerous professional athletes that use P90x to stay in shape, and it’s their job to be in shape.
And there is no risk, P90x always come with a 90 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy for any reason, just return it. When I first started out doing Ab Ripper X, I only did 10 reps while Tony Horton and the others on the video did 25. Jim Rome recently started doing P90x and has been talking about it on his radio show a lot. Most of the workouts are a little under an hour long, but when combined with the ab ripper x workout, which is part of the schedule, you will end up working out for about an hour and 15 minutes most days.
P90x will make you sore and stretching on that 7th day of every week is a great way to stay loose and help your muscles recover. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a negative review of P90x anywhere on the internet, which is very rare for any product. Strenth training, plyometics, cardio, ab and core work, and stretching, P90x covers every aspect of fitness.
In the video below, Kim talk about how she had never really done any strength training, and talks about how Tony Horton, the instructor in the P90x videos, explains very clearly how to do the modifications for each exercise if you are a beginner.
P90x is tough, I don’t care how in shape you think you are, P90x will be challenging and you will definitely see results.
I’m sure these athletes have access to top personal trainers and can afford it, but they still choose P90x and love it so much that they talk about it in the media.
The thing that makes Ab Ripper X so tough is that it is done immediately after another workout.

I originally got involved with Beachbody because I was interested in the home business opportunity (which is also going very well), but after hearing so many good things about P90x, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad that I did. The simple decision to give the P90x exercise program a try has now gotten Amanda in the best shape of her life. Your muscles will need all the help they can get with recovering during the 90 days you are doing the program. I was typically a bad eater, eating fast food, pop, chips, ice cream, and just junk food in general often. But after hearing so many great things about P90x, I had to give it a try for myself to see what all the hype was about. I can honestly say that at 31 years old, after 90 days of P90x, I’m in the best shape of my life.
Keep in mind that the athletes and celebrities that talk about P90x are not paid to talk about it or endorse it, they genuinly love P90x.
Kelly talks about how the P90x nutrition plan was a big part of her success, this is what she had to say. For example, you’ll complete the P90x Chest and Back workout, which is about 53 minutes long, then go on to the Ab Ripper X workout, which is about 15 minutes long. When 10 reps got to be easy I moved up to 12 reps, then 15, reps, and eventually I was able to complete Ab Ripper X doing the complete 25 reps and keeps up with Tony in the video.
At 90 minutes long, the Yoga X work out is very challenging for someone like myself who is not very flexible.
I didn’t follow the P90x nutrition plan as close as I should have, I did try to cut out as much junk food as possible and raised my protein intake a lot. It is 90 minutes long, which can be tough to fit in our schedules, but if you want results, you have to sacrifice. During P90x, I did my best to try to eat as clean as possible and this help changed my eating habits even after the 90 days was up. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to challenge themselves and who is willing to push their limits.
On day one I thought there was no way I would ever be able to complete Ab Ripper X doing all the moves, I was able to do it in about 60 days.
If you have a demanding work schedule, a good idea would be plan for your yoga x workouts to fall on the weekend or on a day where you are the least busiest.
One thing to keep in mind that this program is not just 90 days, it turns into a lifestyle that you will want to keep up.

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