Ladies, you asked, so herea€™s an outline of my personal belly fat diet. Ita€™s a simple and relatively easy diet plan for menopause that I followed to lose belly fat. Note: Initially, Carbs were no higher than 40% and closer to 30 - 35%, Protein was 35 - 40% and Healthy Fats were no higher than 25 - 30%. After many false starts and failed fad diets, here are the basic guidelines I eventually found and followed that helped me to finally lose abdominal fat.

Before you begin ANY belly fat diet, I suggest you take a a€?before weight loss picturea€? in a bathing suit or even a pair of shorts.
You may also want to use the printable weight loss chart and diet tracker to record your body measurement and diet plan too. This is the skinny girl diet along with a 2 week exercise plan that i doubled to go along with my 30 day plan.

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