It may have been detrimental to educational progress, according to a new study from the Australian Institute of Family Studies.
The experiment followed 10,000 students around the world, and found that those burdened with homework actually achieved lower scores. In the last two years before college, homework was found to have some benefit, but in general, it simply made students unhappy.
It appears that reducing homework could make students happier, and possibly improve test scores, assuming the relationship is causal.

None of the students thought that homework was ineffective, but stopped short of suggesting it be done away with entirely. We fly into Spoilertown to discuss everything about the latest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s totally fine to not know exactly where you’re headed right after graduation, but it is important to make some kind of plan. Home is for family, for relaxing, and for having playdates — at least I felt it should be.

The lower profits are lower test scores, which in the United States can get schools shut down.

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