I am not one that has a problem with knowing when to stop eating when I am full but this time it was a challenge. The riverine areas of Nigeria are naturally rich in seafoods , no wonder most dishes are cooked with sea foods, fish, crabs, periwinkle,moussels,  lobsters,shrimps and so on.
Tags: aso rock, bayelsa soup, good luck jonathan soup, ijaw soup, native soup, nigerian buka, nigerian food blog, nigerian soup, nigerian soup blog. Hello ma, is there any other thickner i can use that doesn’t involve pounding as am currently in my third trimester and pounding is not an option?
Easy Nigerian recipes are simple recipes that requires less ingredients and time to prepare, most people start from this page when they are new to making Nigerian foods. If you are looking for quick and simple recipes to surprise your spouse you can start from this page.
I get lots of questions daily about easy to make Nigerian foods and that is just what I want to address here on a grander scale. Here is the three most simple Nigerian recipes that I know you could do in less than one hour. I am talking about simple Nigerian recipes that you could make no matter where u are located in the world, I learned that tomato recipes will always fall in this category simply because they are easy to find. If you are looking for easy Nigerian recipes you must also remember to make foods that would be accepted by the people or person you are looking to surprise.
Jollof rice is one of the easiest to make Nigerian food and the necessary ingredients could be found at all corners of the world. The Ingredients for making jollof rice includes; tomato, meat (chicken, turkey, beef or even fish), onions, stock cubes, salt, pepper and a few other Nigerian ingredients.
Like I stated initially that this recipe is considered one of the easiest Nigerian foods because all the required ingredients could be found at every part of the world and almost every Nigerian would delightfully accept a well made plate of jollof rice and chicken.
Please visit the main page for making Jollof Rice in Nigeria, the first on my list of easy to make Nigerian recipes.
The second on my list of Nigerian easy recipes would be a pasta recipe that I have been talking about recently – My special spaghetti recipe. This spaghetti recipe is one of the most popular foods made in the Nigerian kitchen, are you a member of the Nigerian Kitchen? Whether you are new to pasta or Nigerian foods entirely, you can start with this delicious looking recipe, like jollof rice, it is easy to make and could be made in less than one hour. So let’s commence with making tomato stew, the last on my list Tomato stew is never consumed as is, it is served alongside other Nigerian foods like rice, beans and yam.
I am searching for an easy Nigerian recipe that would take about twenty minutes or less to prepare, I just started dating this handsome Nigerian man (I am from Indian). Hello Precious, thanks for your positive feedback, we just finished working on our online store, you can purchase ingredients to make some of the simple Nigerian recipes that are listed above, we are working to make the shop the best in the whole world.
Good luck my dear chidera, if you keep going at this speed he would definitely become your for ever! I like cooking African food, cos my husband has a very big appetite for food and he like eating his meal in the house.
I love the recipes and can’t wait to learn how to cook them since I recently became engaged to a Nigerian . Jollof rice is one of the most simple and the easy to make Nigerian food, you’d want to start from here if you are new to Nigerian foods.
Are you married to a Nigerian person and probably looking for an easy to make African Food? There are different kinds of rice recipes in Nigeria and of course you will find all of them on this site, Let’s start with the jollof rice, then we talk about how to make Nigerian Fried rice, ofada rice and the local rice, I have a special liking for local rice with palm oil.
What you find below is the image of deliciously made jollof rice plus grilled chicken, I did add parboiled peas just to improve the appearance of the meal.
The good thing about Nigerian Jollof rice is that you can spice to your taste, one person might choose to make with chicken spices while another might decide to use curry and thyme or even just a seed of nutmeg and they will all end up with a delicious plate of rice. Parboil the rice the normal way, boil about three cups of water in a pot, add the four cups of rice and allow to cook for three to four minutes. You might want to pick out the parboiled tasty chicken and deep fry , this wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Then remove some of the oil if it is above 150ml (half cup), just so you don’t end up with lots of oil at the bottom of your pot. So scoop some of the fried tomato into a plate and set aside; then commence cooking with the remaining one in the pot, add the meat stock (meat water), then about 1 or 2 cups of water, (you can add a little more water later), add a cube of maggi or knorr, a teaspoon of thyme, curry, ground nutmeg and salt to taste. Spice to your taste with your desired flavors and spices, then add the rice and cover to cook. You can add the other half of the fried tomatoes after cooking for ten to fifteen minutes, also slice onions and spray on the top (I like to use lots of onions in Nigerian jollof rice), this has its health benefits. Then just cook till the rice is soft for consumption, Remember that you can add water occasionally. I made this video a few days ago, you can learn to make jollof rice through the video below, the method is straight and easy to follow, You will also get a visual of all the ingredients that I used in the process. Jollof rice is my favorite Nigerian food, I like when it is spiced up with green pees and then fried plantain. I am an African- American woman married to a Nigerian man and I love jollof rice when he prepared it for me I fell in love I like the spices and put goat meat in the rice it is so delicious. If you boil the tomato till it becomes dry, do you still fry it with the onions for a while or do you just add your stock to it and continue from there?. Cee, You don’t ever need to boil the tomatoes, just grind and fry, you can also slice and fry. How would you like to make Delicious Nigerian foods with ease of mind and complete confidence? How would you like to gain my twenty years of cooking experience in just one month or less? I have been making Nigerian foods for close to twenty years, I know how to make almost all the foods eaten in Nigeria, both simple recipes and continental dishes.
I believe that I have so much to share with you because I have been making delicious foods for the last twenty years. You will learn to make simple family cakes, breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, local foods etc.
I had in mind to offer you the best product in the world for making Nigerian foods and that is just what you get with this All-in-one eGuide. The 60 Delicious Nigerian Recipes (eBook) displays beautifully accross all devices, once you pay for it you can download it to your device and it stays with you forever.

Our download page gives you the opportunity to either view or download our beautiful recipe videos on you PC or any mobile device. This eGuide is very easy to use, it doesn’t matter whether you know anything about a computer or not.
This product is wonderful, I have been able to learn several of your recipes via your articles, emails and videos.
The Fifty Most Delicious Nigerian Recipes is made in The Nigerian Kitchen, it is made and presented with full confidence.
This eBook explains the name and the uses of the top fifty Nigerian ingredients, there are images for each of the ingredients as well as a detailed description.
You may have also wondered about the possibility of substituting one ingredients with another, there are several ingredients you may probably never find in your location. Here is the complete product for making Nigerian foods, it contains over sixty delicious Nigerian recipes that you can choose from, you will learn about my top secret ingredients and you will know why we might use the same ingredient and why I would end up with a better food.
This eGuide is backed up with a 60 days money back guarantee, if you purchased this product and for any reason decides that it did not meet your need or falls short of your expectation just send me a mail and you will get your full refund, straight and simple. Nigerian Oha soup is definitely going to make a list of Nigerian popular soups, You are probably here because you want to learn how to make uha soup the exact way an Igbo woman would prepare it, we are still on foods eaten by different Nigerian ethnic group or maybe you got here via the page on All Nigerian soup, Welcome! Ofe Ora (as the people of Igbo call it) is one of the most delicious soups that is popularly made and eaten by the people of Igbo (a very popular Nigerian tribe), made with the leaves of a tree called oha leaves. I remember those days in the village, we pluck the fresh uha leaves directly from the tree, this is the exact reason why I prefer foods from the village, almost every ingredient used were freshly harvested from the farm, a luxury we can’t afford here in our current state of residence or other countries of the world.
However, every ingredient used in making Nigerian foods can be bought in almost any Nigerian local or international market, you may not be lucky enough to purchase the very fresh ones but you will most likely find a processed or dried alternative.
Wash the cocoa yam with just water and start cooking, cook until it is soft (you can check with your fingers), then peel off the outer back and pound with a mortar and pestle, the normal traditional way. Pluck off the Uha leaves from the stem and slice with a kitchen knife, I like to shred the leaves with my fingers the exact way I learned from my mother (You will find how this is done from the video below, this method will ensure that the leaves are not shredded to tiny bits). In case you want to slice with a kitchen knife just to ease up the process be sure not to slice into very tiny bits. Add more water then add red oil (palm oil), ground crayfish, maggi, salt and pepper to taste. Then add the pounded cocoa yam as you can find in the video below (at this point you can add the ground egusi if you choose to make oha soup with egusi, which is also a very tasty recipe.
Stir; allow to dissolve before adding the sliced uziza leaves then uha leave should follow after a minute. Above is a video demonstration of the steps outlined above, you can learn to make oha soup by watching this video, I have found videos to be more helpful especially when it comes to making foods. Its been so wonderful learning on how to prepare oha soup and bitter leave soup I really enjoy with my husband when I prepare it. Its awsome its really giving me more ideas and different apporach to different dish, ma’am u re a true african woman keep it up, am very much proud of u!
Thanks Diana for your comment, usually, you should be able to find these ingredients in any African shop, and they would understand the names.
U are just so wonderful thank u so much for the NKWOBI part of it, With this talent u can never loose ur husband to any woman i swear. This is a wonderful site as u are also a wonderful woman ur site has added a joy to marriage i can wait to cook it i will get back to u ma oo my husband will enjoy me today thanx a lot remain bless . This is awesome, new on this site but followed your procedures and I made a nice pot of ora soup… and guess what? So I cooked oha soup today following this procedure, unlike the first oha soup I cooked, it was watery..
Of course as this was lunch time many young guys and ladies were all hunched over the table doing what I was about to do. Just like the Port Harcourt experience I really dug into pounded yam and Native right after I had finished photographing this dish.
As an alternative you can dissolve yam flour( poundo yam) in water and mix quickly into the soup for thickening.
Nigerian Fried Egg with Dodo is your standard quick but yummy (and affordable) Nigerian breakfast. The mild bitterness of the stew combined with the sweetness of carbs like sweet potato, yam or boiled ripe plantain makes for an amazing flavory experience. If you are new to making Nigerian foods it is very likely that you would want to start with the simple recipes and then graduate to the more complex ones (like bitterleaf sou). These foods are considered easy to make because they are easy to make and the ingredients used in making them are very easy to find too. You can report below if you can’t find any of the listed ingredients in your location or just resort to our online store. The ingredients for this recipe are slightly closer to that of jollof rice, you will need; tomatoes, carrots, green beans, corned beef and a few other Nigerian ingredients.
That is the criteria for entering my list of easy to make Nigerian recipes, it must be easy to make and the ingredients must be easy to find.
You will notice that almost all the recipes on this page are made with tomatoes, the reason as stated above is because tomatoes are easy to find. Once i have tomato stew in my fridge I can eat any of the foods listed above, that is partly the reason why I have tomato stew on this list. We would be hanging out in my apartment during our next date so I was just hoping to surprise him with a special treat from home. Even though I have lived in Liberia for more than thirty-five years, I still eat only Nigerian and Ghanaian foods cause I was born and schooled in Ghana. Nigerian jollof rice is accepted all over the world and the ingredient used is found in all parts of the world. I like to use lots of them so as to end up with a very tasty fried chicken, and then prepare the main food with the meat extract (meat water) with very little or no extra spice. I like to commence cooking jollof rice with the same oil I used in frying the chicken, Using a fresh oil is just the same as cooking without the chicken stock (meat water) which actually hold over 70 percent of the ingredient that is used in making most Nigerian foods, you will end up with a tasteless meal. Fry until the tomatoes looses its sour taste due to frying, this should take about 10-15 minutes. I have tried this rice recipe and it turned out perfectly well but there seemed to be a little difference with the one I ate at a friends birthday party, there was a slight difference in taste and color, maybe I probably didn’t get it right. Whatever you do, even if you boiled it, you will still need to fry the tomato before commencing with the rest of the cooking.
Most restaurants use canned tomatoes, it largely depend on other ingredients and how you fried the tomato.

I looked at the recipe now and I want to try it but if I use canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones,how do I go about it?
I know to make foods eaten by different Nigerian ethnic groups as well as different popular cuisines. You will learn everything you need to know about Nigerian foods, step by step instruction, every single tip and trick I have learned about foods in the last twenty years. We have both written and video guides for making over 60 delicious Nigerian foods, an extra bonus ebook that will teach you all you need to know about Nigerian food ingredients.
This eGuide is a combination of my simple tips and tricks for making delicious foods with over sixty different recipes.
You don’t need to worry about what to prepare for the next day, let the menu worry about that. If you can check your email it means you can equally use this product, it is very simple to download and easy to view with either a laptop, desktop, tablets and most mobile phones.
It remains in your device for life but in case you lose it, you just click the download button again… simple and easy. Even when you change your computer or device all you need to do is to re-download; it is that simple. Your method of making ogbono soup is unique, I love it and it turns out perfect, your products are great and I like this one best. I have been making Nigerian foods for almost twenty years, I have written and published hundreds of articles and videos about foods eaten in Nigeria.
We reach out to thousand of people daily through emails, facebook, twitter and our two giant websites.
Remember I told you that either egusi, achi or cocoa yam can serve as the thickener for this popular Igbo soup). Stir and cook for another 3 to 5 minutes and you just made a very delicious oha soup (ofe ora). I can say I stumbled on it when I got frustrated on how to cook a particular meal but am grateful I did.
I really appreciate ur effort on how to teach women accross on how to prepare delicious meal, I pray that the LORD will continue to strenghten u more. I just finished the last of ora soup that i cooked and i decided to google the Ora soup and am here. Being a person that loves to cook, a website like this that offers a wide range of Nigerian recipes is totally mind blowing.
I observed that ogiri is on the list as an ingredient but it was not mentioned at what point it should be added in the soup.
The yellow or Cameroon , pepper ,as it is called is what is bringing extra flavor to this soup. If you can’t find the ingredients in your location, you can purchase from our online store or contact me.
The major ingredients for all of the recipes on this page is just tomato and chicken, aren’t they easy to find? Unfortunately, most of these foods are not easy, I can’t even find the ingredients in Indian.
I just want to be able to make good foods for my family once I get married in the summer, I am getting married to a handsome Nigerian man. I have subscribed to your weekly e-mail though I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail. This was one of the first foods I learned to prepare as a little girl, my tactics only improved over the years. Add water so that more than half of the entire chicken (or meat of choice) is submerged, then add sliced 1 bulb of onions, 3 cubes of maggi or knorr, one tea spoon of salt and maybe a little of curry, thyme and (or) spice of choice. I like to divide the tomatoes after frying, then continue cooking with half and add the other half later. However,I do normally boil my fresh tomatoes after grinding or slicing till it dries,that way I wont hv to deep fry.
You will learn how to make different kinds of soups in Nigeria, different rice recipes, yam recipes, beans recipes, pepper soup recipes, easy Nigerian recipes, continental dishes, Nigerian drinks, Chicken Recipes, Pastries and small chops.
Even though I am not from Nigeria and not yet familiar with a lot of the ingredients, having the pictures of the recipes and step by step guide on making them is very helpful.
I love Nigerian foods and really love to experiment widely, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do that. I believe that this product is of high value and would definitely sort out every issue you have with making Nigerian foods. Please I would like to learn how to prepare nkwobi and some other Nigerian evening recipes.
But I’m not really familiar with the igbo recipes I thought Yoruba and igbo ate the same soups. I decided to surprise my Igbo husband with an Igbo meal today and you should have seen the look of shock & pleasure on his face when he tasted the oha that I made.
I have a good friend from Nigeria, who is coming to The United States for an extended visit and has no idea that I have been preparing some of his favorite dishes. I am a British Man and my Wife is Nigerian (Ijaw) and we live in the UK; we have Yoruba and Igbo friends I enjoy cooking and have cooked for my Wife and our other West African friends many of the recipes I have learned from you. The mild taste of the buttered Cocoyam and the nutty flavour of the Fish sauce and the sweet mango and raw onion and pepper in the salsa brought this dish together . So I want to say a big thank you for creating this wonderful product and would recommend it to everyone that is interested in learning about Nigerian foods, it is very informative and easy to follow. I must say the one that sticks in everyone’s mind is the Rivers State Soup or (Native Soup) as we call it ! What I have missed out in the home version is Beetroot which was another surprise ingredient that came in the last few minutes . Friends now come to eat my delicious food and girls find me more attractive simply because of the way I cook.

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