This is my second go around at UD 2.0, my first being pretty successful however I felt that had I did a small bulk in between I may get better results.
Dude if you can do 8miles on a depletion day you can reap the benefits of doing both the depletion workouts in the same workout or day. We had a really long conversation throughout my workout and I was brought to a realization that it isn’t actually natural to look like a bikini model all day long 365 days a year for the rest of your life. It kills me to know that once you build something you can’t just relax and bask in all the glory.
Excuse me if I sounds like I’m a looks-obsessed little brat, but just expressing my feelings full blown.
Also, bikini and fitness competitors all have a competition weight and an off season weight. Also, I want to mention that the level at which I am training and eating is super vigorous. Monsanto is using its money and influence to push Congress to attach a rider to the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations bill that would effectively end judicial review of approvals of new genetically engineered crops.
Monsanto’s sneak attack is a response to successful lawsuits brought by the Center for Food Safety on behalf of organic and non-GMO farmers and seed growers that have attempted to block planting of genetically engineered sugar beets and alfalfa while the USDA conducted a court-ordered review of the dangers of contamination.
A vote to remove Monsanto’s rider from the Agriculture Appropriations bill was expected this week, but now has been delayed until after Congress returns from their July 4th recess.
Shrimp, adobo seasoning, pepper, pam cooking spray, lettuce, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and scallions with a homemade red vinegar dressing of EVOO, red vinegar, grainy mustard, S&P.
Protein Pancakes1 tablespoon coconut flour1 tablespoon vanilla protein powder½ teaspoon baking powdera dash of cinnamon1 large egg1 tablespoon water1 tablespoon sugar-free vanilla syrup**can sub for a splash vanilla extract, a teaspoon of sweetener, and another tablespoon of waterPreheat a skillet on medium heat.

As a result I stopped that after about eight weeks (as is suggested in the program) and ate and worked out. I'll post updates on my progress or lack of it, current health information, recipes, articles, workouts and quotes.
When I say I may not be able to keep this up year round, I mean eating super duper clean and doing cardio 2x a day 6 days a week plus weight training.
And I don’t have time to proof read it because I am gonna be late to training but ya here you go.
Let’s use this time to spread the word and send tens of thousands of letters to Congress! The workout was difficult and I think I will just stick to amino and ec stack as a pre for the time as what I took today did little to get me into things. I am so sad that these flat abs and those lean arms may go away if I don’t keep up this regimen.
I do know that REAL fitness models have to eat strict all the time and when they have shoots they go SUPER strict. Once the bikini competition is over, I plan to continue eating clean, just not crazy clean.
Department of Agriculture illegally approves new genetically engineered crops that threaten to contaminate their fields and seed supplies. Add in the egg, water and syrup (if you don’t have syrup just substitute with more water and add a little vanilla extract). I was curious, do you thinnk I could just eat at maintenance or a tad over, from today-sunday night, and begin the UD on monday?

You get there but you gotta keep it fresh to keep things looking good, keep the business flowing.
He said that when he was competing he’d go up 20-30lbs in the off season and then just shed back down when it was time to hit the stage. My bikini competition is this Saturday and I will look the tightest and leanest I have ever looked in my life. Most likely because it’s just not a weight that their body is designed to be at without the meticulous up keep. It doesn’t like losing weight all the time so it will become efficient and figure out how to keep fat around even when your workouts and diets are nuts. It’s just not where your body was naturally meant to be if you want to do other things things with your time. It really is a lot of work and I honestly feel like you need to get paid to put yourself through this! They tasted a bit dry but after they soaked up some sf maple syrup they were so much like the real thing they were given the seal of approval from a couple of carbaholic friends.
Eventually our convo got a little ridic with me being all low carb, emotional, moody, and living in a fantasy land. Just make sure you lower the amount of water you use or just omit the vanilla syrup and add in some vanilla extract.

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