Also on the four hour body couple he wrote a neat article on fasting after your cheat day to accelerate weight loss. Let me propose something:  Try eating no-carb, low-carb, or paleo for just one week.  Now, can you imagine eating like this the rest of your life? Eat meals that are based mostly or entirely on real, whole foods vs processed food.  This will go a long way to reducing bad carb intake. I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country and Internationally on their health and fitness goals. Diet-to-Go has 200 convenient pickup locations in 5 markets where you can pick up your meals fresh twice per week. Our Low-Carb menu is a great option for people that understand the benefits of a Low-Carb diet. For those following the Low-Carb plan, good snacks include string cheese, sliced or cubed cheddar cheese, eggs in most any form (hard-boiled, deviled, scrambled) and treats like sugar-free Jell-O.
The Low-Carb averages 30 net carbs per day and is compatible with traditional Low-Carb diets like Atkins. Diet-to-Go meals come complete with condiments, sides, vegetables and everything you need to enjoy your food and lose weight.

Nothing like going to a holiday party starving to cause you to raid the carb loaded appetizers or sides. The only thing worse than leaving a party guilt ridden about what you ate is to leave the party having had too much to drink.
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You should not add fruit, juice, yogurt, bread, crackers, pasta, rice or anything containing extra carbs or sugars. I can really see myself sticking to this for a while and hopefully making it a lifestyle change.
My job consists of overseeing the student ministries of the church.My hope is to help others by sharing the effective tools that I come across to help others become better. With the holidays approaching, I knew that I would be up for a challenge to keep my carbs low and not ruin everything I have worked hard for– a six pound weight-loss and more to come.
So, to avoid both of those situations, have reasonable expectations on how much you’ll eat and drink. If you’re looking to take your diet to the next level you should try the slow carb diet it is awesome!

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Here are a few tips that have worked for me for other events that can apply to Thanksgiving dinner as well.
Just don’t go overboard with the pita chips or the buttery croissants once you have a few bites.
You don’t want to completely limit yourself as that is the fastest way to end a healthy diet quickly.
When you spread out the month or so of festivities, three of those days are what matter most (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve).

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