I am just about to finish my week of the protein challenge Its been great I have loved trying out some new dishes as i got stuck in a bit of a cooking rut!
I still haven't started my challenge as me and my boy have been poorly and off food, I can't wait to start it though. I've not heard of upbeat before but I need to lose some baby weight so I may well look into this!
I follow a low carb diet here too but I still eat carbs just good quality slow releases like sweet potato and quinoa, balances blood sugar and makes you feel fab. I love the Upbeat drinks - I have tried them in the past - and these recipes look right up my street.

Perfect if you need to boost your protein intake at breakfast or you need a little mid afternoon pick me up. This includes all soft drinks, even diet ones, as they trick your body into expecting sugar, and end up causing cravings for junk food! Bit of an eye opener as we would never have considered ourselves unhealthy eaters before we cut down our carbs. In fact he hasn't had one headache - proving they were down to sugar peaks and the protein has evened out his energy levels.
I was reminded that is because men burn everything faster than women so they are predispositioned to loose weight faster.

Plus I lost a stone before Christmas just cutting my portion size down and not eating carbs in the evenings so he began with more excess weight than me, so it was inevitably gonna fall off faster!

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