I have been doing LeanGains style dieting for the last 3 months or so and have had a very positive experience with it. Due to a recent change in schedule as a result of work I will no longer be able to do LeanGains. Please do not leave comments about the calorie levels, I have recorded my calories for quite a while and am familiar with how my body responds to certain calorie levels. I ran like that for my cut a while ago and got my abs on at2 and erase bro , it looks solid , good macro set up, but I would aim for no more than 2 High Carb days and no more than 2 No carb days , that way you can cut out faster , without punishing glycogen stores too much and making it viable for at least some 6-8 weeks without it eating muscle away. Do you both believe that I should limit the high carb days once it is considered that I am eating below maintenance calorie levels at all times, including the high carb days?
To be honest with I don't go off maint cals at all, I get my macros right and cycle those sometimes I'm over on cals sometimes I'm under. So were thinking about changing Wednesday from a high carb to something different, is that what the jist of it is? Save sorrow for the souls in doubt 05-22-2012, 11:44 PM Celorza Originally Posted by Natestreo So were thinking about changing Wednesday from a high carb to something different, is that what the jist of it is?
I am being forced to work one of three different work shifts, as indicated by the below images. With that said, I have tweaked my diet, again, uding the advice that I was given in the last few posts as well as other posts.
I enjoy the fasted workouts and the meal sizes that come with this style of dieting, especially the large post workout meal.

I have never done a carb cycling program but thought that I would like to give it a chance. I would appreciate some constructive criticism from those who may be familiar with carb cycling, as I am not.
I think everyone would agree that the amount of calories I am planning on is quite low at times, but please do not suggest that I increase this.
This makes it difficult to follow my past eating and workout schedule and as a result I am doing this.
I would highly recommend trying this diet out for yourselves to see how your body responds to it. Especially because I am currently at a low bodyfat percentage and am trying to get that last bit of fat off of my abs. I am, however, knowledgable about dieting and nutrition in general but I always appreciate extra feedback from those whom more than I know in a particular subject matter. If I did not have extensive records of my past nutrition and knowledge of how my body responded to the past I would be much more open to advice in this area. I will be using Clen and MS after the current portion of my stack concludes, then EP and DAA to finish the cut. The more I think about it, I could use the High carbs on wednesday and saturday for deadlift and squat. Operating on as consistent of a schedule as possible as well as having a plan to execute on any day is one step I can take to assist myself in succeeding.

I always had success with the typical 6 meals per day style of dieting but thought that I would give LeanGains a chance after researching it for a while. Carb cycling has a lot of claims that it is effective for someone in my shoes, why not give it a try?
I am pretty sure that I did this correctly, but again, I would appreciate the feedback from fellow AM members.
Hopefully, this will allow me to begin operating on a better schedule and will help me to succeed.
Needless to say, I was eventually sold on the idea and my theories about dieting have been greatly influenced my Martin's well thought out dieting plan. For some of us we need a good metabolic boost and hypertropical boost like lifting to get the insulin sensitivity at its peak to restore glycogen , hence some of us do it on heavy left days , so it does get shuffled straight into the muscle glycogen deposits , while some people are different and react better at recovery days like cardio or rest days for their glycogen conversion and restoration rates. You protein and fat intake stays the same all three days, the only thing you change is carb intake.

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