Some folks try it allTulsa WorldWhether one was looking for something low-carb or "trying it all," Carnival Food Friday at Rooster Days was delicious. The Straits TimesCafe owners worried as home bakers rise as 'rivals'The Straits TimesFrom low-carb protein loaves to mango sticky rice tarts, more home bakers here are whetting appetites with their unique artisanal offerings. A Sweet Life25 Delicious Low Carb Pumpkin RecipesA Sweet Life'Tis the season to eat pumpkin… It's officially that time of year, when the weather cools down and pumpkin recipes abound. Controlling cravings when you've cut carbs or gluten can be especially hard when it comes to breakfast or brunch. From Wheat Belly Cookbook Wheat-Free Pancakes Notes These pancakes have almost no sugar, so serve with Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, or your favorite maple syrup if you'd like to sweeten them. Smart Eats for SummerYahoo Finance UKWhether you're headed to the gym or trying to power through a busy summer day, protein bars and drinks provide a steady fuel source. KTBSFDA to re-examine what makes a food 'healthy'KTBSBack then, health advocates were taking aim at fats -- not sugar or gluten -- which are among today's targets. Patrick Douglas 14 hours ago Just received my Blueberry Muffin, Rocky Road, and Oatmeal Chocolate order.
VICEThe Unhealthy Truth Behind 'Wellness' and 'Clean Eating'VICEA few years ago, I found wellness.
On Akshaya Tritiya, here are some lesser-known facts about goldEconomic TimesForget heading to the ATM for cash - a hotel in Dubai has an ATM that hands out gold bars weighing 10 grams.

Bustle18 Peanut Butter & Jelly Recipes That Make This Classic Combination Even TastierBustleThis low-carb loaf by Cara's Cravings uses peanut flour to create a treat that's healthy and satisfying. Amy Reed Hogrefe, owner of Sweet Natalie's tenant Maggie's Daughter, has been baking all her life.
These 10 Recipes Prove It Can Be Done!One Green PlanetThese Paleo Magic Cookie Bars are crunchy, creamy, sweet, and crispy — really, they're everything you want in a cookie bar. Thankfully, the big orange gourd is low in carbs and full of great nutrients, so you can go ahead and indulge.
Between baskets of muffins and stacks of pancakes, there's often enough on the table to make your dietary restrictions dampen the morning fun.
The following nutritional information is for one pancake made with unsweetened almond milk and coconut oil.
Since I am new to the gluten free, sugar free, and low carb lifestyle, I'm looking for good recipes. If you make a purchase after following the link I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. My body felt like a burden, and the food I ate didn't seem to energize me or push me on: It dulled my edges, and it left me foggy, soft, and slow. Nick makes sure to always have healthy snacks packed with him wherever he goes – especially when he's out on the road.

Here's what I learned about dieting and obsession.VoxSometimes, for a snack, I'd mix table salt with oregano and paprika and pretend it was barbecued potato chips.
Two stalks of celery topped with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter only have 8 grammes of carbohydrates.
Luckily, you don't have to pass on a pancake breakfast if you whip up a batch of these wheat-free pancakes. These chocolatey treats by Love & Lemons are what you would get if you added just a bit of jam to your favorite Reese's Cups. Using almond flour and flaxseed means these dense, filling hotcakes are high in fiber (three grams per serving) as well as protein (six grams per serving). Thanks Quest and Bruce for supplying us with bars at the shows.Don't forget to pick up a June issue of Muscular Delvelopment and head to p22.

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