While not meant to be all-inclusive list this is a brief overview of foods that are typically thought of as being acceptable when pursuing a low carb lifestyle. Eggs are very low in carbs, most people count 1 per egg just to be sure but they are a great source of protein while filling you up! When shopping for dairy products opt for whole fats, do not buy low fat, as they contain a lot more carbs.
The one exception I can think of off the top of my head to the “berry rule” is elderberries, they are VERY high in sugar content so you will want to avoid them!

But beware of processed meats as sometimes the fillers used contain carbs that add to your count. If the item you want to eat is not labeled Google “carbs in _____” ┬áThe Internet has a wealth of information awaiting you! You’d be surprised how many chains add pancake batter in them to make them more fluffy!
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Remember you want to be sure your body does have enough fats to burn as that is what it is going to use for fuel when you take away it’s carbs and sugar.

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