This recipe uses a packet of slow cooker beef stew mix, which unfortunately contains a small amount of carbohydrate as a thickener.
4-6 cups of low-starch green vegetables (or however many fit in your slow cooker!) Try broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, celery, mushrooms, and leeks. The night before you want to eat dinner, chop the meat, onion and vegetables into large bite-sized pieces and add them to the ceramic bowl of the slow cooker. Mix the slow cooker beef stew mix with water according to package directions and add to the meat and vegetables. In the morning, put the ceramic bowl in the slow cooker, cover with the lid, and turn it on low.
Roasted garlic is delicious on toasted French bread or added to a sauce, and it's easy to make. My husband introduced me to Ethiopian cuisine almost seven years ago, and I was an instant fan. I LOVE the garlic bread and cheese from Pi**a H*t, but find the garlic bread you buy from supermarkets pales in comparison so I invented my own recipe which is so easy to make and everyone who's tried it says its even better than the huts!
If you're going on a hike and looking for some super easy to make lightweight carbs to take with you, are an a re-enactment enthusiast like myself, then you might well be interested in this make. This is a really quick and easy recipe for a flat bread or chapati made with gram flour (besan). Been on one of those camping trips where mum wouldn't lend you a pan because it would get burnt and charred after cooking in the open fires?
Croissants are one of those pastries that most people consider very difficult, something only a master baker can make properly.
This bread is easy enough to make and tasty enough for you to say, "No More Cardboard Bread"!

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, pretzels are part of the pan pantheon of heavenly breads. It’s the middle of summer in Australia and I've been spending most of my time trying to crawl into the fridge and feeding my mice frozen vegetables. Focaccia is one of my favorite breads - I've tried making it for years and I've always failed because I wanted to take shortcuts. I am going to show you how to make your own delicious homemade bread using a kitchenAid!  Materials Kitchen Aid with dough hook. Just chop up the ingredients for slow cooker beef stew the night before you want dinner – in the morning turn on the slow cooker and by evening you’ll have a hot stew!
If you are in a rush you can cook it on high for 4 hours, but the meat won’t be quite as tender. If you want an accurate number, I’d suggest using an online nutrition calculator with the exact ingredients you use in your recipe. Lots of people find that flour, particularly wheat flour, does not bring out the best in them. It's delicious, filling, quick, and easy to make a big pot full that lasts for several meals. The cake mix here eliminates the need for measuring dry ingredients and the inevitable flour-dusted floor.
You know rice is delicious with your main dish, but what if you're tired of rice?Take a note from India and make some super simple Naan. It really is perfect, light, fluffy and delicious.I can add fruit, tomatoes, onion, seeds, honey, whatever I fancy, or just keep it a simple white loaf which is equally tasty. You can have cream cheese topping on it, chocolate glaze, regular white icing glaze, or any other flavor you can think of (using the basic recipe I provided or even your own).

It's Passover season again, and that means MATZAH.Matzah is a dry cracker traditionally consumed by jews during Passover in lieu of real bread. I had never seen anything like that before and I thought that I had to try it too for Christmas. Well maybe a bowl of homemade soft pretzels, a cold brew and a Bruins game, that could be better.
Slow cooking makes meat melt-in-your-mouth tender, so use the cheapest cuts available, they’ll taste great. You can find slow cooker packets in your grocery store alongside the packages of powdered gravy mix.
The only problem is that, after a couple of days of curry in a row, we get tired of it but there is still a bunch left over.
This instructable is about making simple but time consuming bread.To make sourdough you will need a sourdough starter, which is essentially flour and water mixed and left to gather bacteria.
While not as traditionally large and and twisted as a true Bavarian pretzel, these are nonetheless a quick fix for jumbo pretzel goodness. Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to crowd around the food table during parties, more than anywhere else?
Typical slow cooker recipes use potatoes, carrots, and other starchy vegetables, but you can make a low-carb version by using some of the green vegetables suggested below.

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