The Only Way Is Essex returned to TV screens last night, with the cast making their annual trip to Marbella for some sun, sand… and a lot of drama.
Even the most confident among us would shudder at the thought of being in a bikini on TV, so how do the TOWIE girls prep for their annual televised holiday? Self-confessed exercise addict Ferne had to take some time out earlier this year when she collapsed from exhaustion during a gym session. Recently returned from a trekking holiday in Peru, Lydia is well prepared for baring all on the beach in Marbs. After breaking her wrist in late July, Jess has had to focus on diet rather than exercise to get her Marbella-ready.
33-year-old Lauren has found the right balance between strong and skinny, after dropping to a tiny size 6 in 2012 following her first split from Kirk Norcross. Nowadays she trains hard in the gym but isn't afraid to chow down on the odd pizza either.
Lauren trains regularly with PT Emma-Louise Burrows, using a mix of TRX, high intensity interval training and acrobatic-style Pilates to maintain her shape.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Firstly let me assure you that YOU WILL NOT PUT ON WEIGHT from eating the right kind of carbohydrates in the correct amounts.
Refined or ‘simple’ carbohydrates: These include sugar, fruit, white bread, pasta and rice.
Unrefined or ‘complex’ carbohydrates: These include whole grains (including bread and pasta) brown rice, millet, barley, quinoa and buckwheat.
In many a nutrition consultation, we have needed to inform our clients that fruit and vegetables are indeed forms of carbohydrate.
So fruit, vegetables, starchy root veg like potato and swede, and everything that is made from grains are classed as carbohydrate.

Bear in mind that when counting your 5 (or more) a day, only different vegetables and fruit count.
Our body actually only really requires the equivalent of 1tsp of sugar in circulation in your blood stream.
The right combination and type of carbohydrate is essential for good health and a streamline figure!
Another point to remember is that if you combine carbohydrates with a protein or fat source, you can actually lower their GI value, meaning that they are slower to absorb into your bloodstream creating the highly desirable steady curve of blood sugar release! In summary: Always stick to a whole grain diet, with an abundance of vegetables and some fruit. This entry was posted in carbohydrates, diet tips, energy foods, nutrition tips, optimal health, slimming, weight loss and tagged carbohydrates, nutrition, nutrition consultation, nutritional, nutritional consultation, nutritionist, slimming, weight loss. I eat loads of protein and go through a pack of chicken, pack of salmon and can of tuna a day. The word ‘carb’ is synonymous with weight gain and an unhealthy diet, partly thanks to Mr Atkins and more recently, the cast of ‘The Only Way Is Essex,’ whose summer mantra is ‘no carbs before Marbs…’ Insightful bunch aren’t they! These forms are broken down very quickly and they give you a sudden burst of energy by spiking your blood sugar levels. GI stands for the Glycemic Index of a food – a number which expresses how fast your blood sugar levels will rise after eating that particular food. For example, a carrot has a high GI score, meaning that its sugars are released into the bloodstream quickly however the GI does not express how much carbohydrate said food contains. Now we’re not suggesting that pairing bacon with your white bread makes it a healthy breakfast, more that combining some hummus with your carrot sticks is a healthy snack! Combine every meal and snack with a protein source (meat, fish, pulses, legumes, eggs…) and a little good fat (olive oils, oily fish, nuts, seeds etc,) eat regularly, never miss a meal and hey presto!
This means that although the general guidelines apply to us all, some of us deal well with carbohydrate foods and others are more sensitive.

Just as quickly as the energy levels rise, they plummet, leading to irregular blood sugar levels, mood swings, cravings and headaches.
This group of foods are broken down and released into your blood stream at a much slower rate, giving you a gradual energy release and a steady blood sugar curve to eradicate cravings and fatigue. Now don’t get too excited, that certainly does not mean that you should be eating 11 potatoes a day! But if you are on a carbohydrate-restricted diet, your body will start burning muscle for energy – literally eating its self! This means a steady release of sugar into the bloodstream, which is devoid of stimulants and sugary refined snacks. Whereas I am filled to the brim after a slice of toast, Lola could eat a whole loaf and have a belly a flat as a pancake.
Watermelon for example has a high GI, but actually mostly consists of water and hardly any carbohydrate at all, so it has a very low GL.
This is where an online nutritional consultation comes in – to learn how your body responds to food and tailor a nutritional plan to work in harmony with your every unique requirement and wish. A bad curve consists of a number of stimulants such as caffeine and highly processed sugary and starchy foods.
The lower the GI score of the food, the better effect it has on your blood sugar balance and energy levels. Fruits are simple complex carbohydrates so it’s important not to eat a lot, however they contain very high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and fibre so they are still nutritional gems. Ensure that you eat little and often, never missing meals and resisting any temptation of quick energy fixes from Starbucks.

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