I didn’t have flax seeds just flax meal, is that the same these came out more likes crepes than pancakes but were really good!! Egg white as opposed to yolk would definitely be better, and the longer beaten, the better. Not just particularly for this recipe, but how do I know what kind of whey protein to buy?! Heya, I sometimes use oats and put them through a blender which works as a great alternative and is super healthy without adding to the sugar content.
Just made these with a tablespoon of baking powder, chocolate protein instead of vanilla, and no milk- still delicious!!!

I’d love to win the Beverly Bowtie Gym Bag in Dusty Rose It would be the perfect adtiidon to the black pleated gym bag I ve already ordered! Once it begins to bubble (took about 30 sec – 1 min), flip over and let sit for about another 20-30 sec. The consistency was the worst and I hated the flavor of my protein powder, so that didn’t help.
You can also add some Stevia for sweetness, baking powder to make it rise and believe it or not a teensy bit of apple cider vinegar to make them thick and fluffy! I just tried making these using vegan protein powder, and a full banana instead of the egg, but the pancakes just don’t stay together (they still taste excellent though!).

What could you recommend in regards to your put up that you simply made some days in the past? Would love to make these but am curious to know if they would taste the same without the protein powder!
After I made the pancakes, I tossed the blueberries into the skillet with a tsp of light agave surup and then poured them on the pancakes–so YUMMY!

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